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Not Going To Happen Anytime Soon


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Ok let me start off by saying i am bored while i am at work and thought i would post my dream system (most of which i got from d3bruts1d) and see you if guys can help me make it even better even though its not going to happen anytime soon:


-AMD Athlon 64 FX

-Asus K8VDX mobo

-2 sticks of 256mb Corsair PC4000 DDR (cause i've heard 2 256mb stick runs better dual channel than 2 512mb sticks)

-1 stick of 512mb Corsair PC4000 DDR

-2 Maxtor 250 GB 7200 RPM 8mb Cache S-ATA hdd's

-Mitsumi 54x32x54 CDRW (black)

-Plextor 8x DVD+RW (black)

-Memorex 16x DVD (black)

-Mitsumi 3.5" floppy (black)

-Radeon 9800xt 256mb DDR

-X-Super Alien Case with 500 watt aspire see-through power supply (black and red) modded with led's in the front door to make the red panels light up

-Stock HSF

-rounded ide cables (black)

-Vantec fan controller (black)

-4 Thermaltake 80mm smartfan II's for intake (painted black)

-2 clear 120mm exhaust fans on top

-19 in LCD monitor (black)

-Logitech MX700 Cordless Optical Mouse

-Logitech Elite Keyboard

-4 green ccfl's

-Klipsch ProMedia GMX D-5.1 gaming surround sound system

-and last but not least Windows XP Pro for right now but when it comes out Windows Longhorn

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oh eyah i forgot about scsi drive i think i would probably do that instead of the internal s-ata's but the only thing is they are hella fast but they lack in space

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