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    ~Comp 1~
    Abit Nv-8
    AMD64 3400+ 2.4ghz
    Geforce 6800XT Pci-E 256Mb
    120GB Hd Internal and 300GB External
    NEC DVD-RW Drive
    580Watt Antec PSU
    Logitech Z680's On Optcial Input from Creative Extigy
    19" Dell E19FP
    Logitech G5 Kea Bored/Blue Mx510 w. Black Icemat 2nd Edition

    ~Comp 2~
    P4 at 1.4Ghz
    RDRIMM's [email protected]
    40Gb Hd
    DVD Drive
    Ati 9000 Pro
    Tv Tuner Card
    NEC Multisync 17"
    Sound Blaster Live! 5.1
    1 80MM High CFM cooling fan
    Microsoft Wireless Desktop Elite Pro

    ~Comp 3~
    Celeron @ 466Mhz
    40gb Hd
    Onboard Vid/sound
    CD-RW drive
    Generic 14" Moniter
    120MM Cooling Fan

    Gateway Mobo
    Moble AMD64 4000+
    Ati Mobile X600
    1GB PC2700 Ram
    100Gb Hd
    DVD MuiltFormat Drive

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    Yo, Sup all my OCC Buddies. My names Eric, I live in NJ and I am a Soph @ Rugters-East Brunswick. Im a pretty talktive person and im often hyper. I work at Footlocker and I biuld comps on the side. I like Punk Rock, Classic Rock, and Alterntive Rock. I also like Techno and I can String :). I like Planes, Cars and Choppers. Im also a big anime fan, as well as DDR. Hehe. I Play alot of Online games so MSG me if you want to play. Thats it Peace.
  1. sweet man, thanks a ton. Have you, or any of you guys used this kit?
  2. the ram sinks in that kit are for the vid card right?
  3. Hey there guys. Long time no post =) Hope everyones been doing well. Anyways, I'm about to build a new top of the line pc and I deff want to go water cooling. Ill list all the links to the parts ive been looking at at the end of this post. I need something that will be able to handle all the heat from the parts, and still run nice and cool. I want to cool the Processor and my video cards. Im on a budget of about 400 bucks.. I may be able to go a bit over but try and keep it in that range. Ill be needing water blocks, tubing, Pump, Reservoir, clamps.. If you can make me a list of stuff, give me tips, any advise..ect Ill take it! And thanks in advance! Heres that list... Case: http://www.xoxide.com/thermaltake-armor-case-black.html Processor: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819115011 Mobo: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813188013 Graphics Card(I WILL BE RUNNING SLI): http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814127278
  4. WD drives ftw... Have a 20gb running non stop since I got it 5 or 6 years back non stop.. Still going strong. =D
  5. Clay your goin down... =D Ill beat you.. =x
  6. I <3 planes.. so I just had to do this.. hehe.. PWNT =D 48.3 XD
  7. Hey guys. Does anyone know how to get Webroot spysweeper to work on a windows vista computer? Any help would be awesome. Thanks in advance.
  8. Ok. For some reason on my one computer my MSN/Windows Live messanger keeps on crashing. I just did a reformat a few days back and havent downloaded anything but drivers and a few well knows apps(eg firefox, winamp.. ect). Anyways. Ive tried to run both msn messanger 7.5 and windows live messanger with no luck. The apps open fine but when I goto sign in it freezes as soon as my friends list loads. Ive herd about some weird Viruses and Worms that do weird things to msn messanger. I Guess what Im getting to is does anyone have advice on fixing this issue... and what viruses/worms I should look for that could be causeing this.
  9. Yeah the only diff on my chips is that the 3400+ has the IHS on and the mobiles naked, And Im not upgradeing. This is just a side project to try and get some extra speed out of my desktop before I build a new rig sometime arround xmass. Nothing more. Thanks for all the help tho guys. Edit- How hard is it to take off the IHS...?
  10. My mobos a Abit Nv8. Is their a bios I could dl that would make it support it? Does anyone know if it will work as is.. and how is it different from its big brothers? Also the sink on the desktop is a thermalright sp-97. The heatsink in the laptop has 2 fans, and its held in by spring loaded screws. based on that do you still think that heat from the 3400+ would really be that much of an issue.. as well as the proper fit?
  11. QUOTE(airman @ Oct 6 2006, 10:26 AM) "laptop processors are soldered onto the motherboard. no way you're getting it out." No its not. Ive opened it up and take it out. Its a regular socket 754, And yes if it was the same exact processor id assume itd use more heat by far, but since its a much lower clock speed im assumeing its heat output and voltage requirements are about the same; But I could be wrong. Would It help if I gave out the laptop specs?
  12. Hey guys. Its been a long . time since I've posted on here. So its good to be back. =) Anywho, I have a amd64 3400+ in my desktop right now, and an Mobile AMD64 4000+ in my laptop. I used to have a 3700+ in my desktop till fedex broke it. >.< So My question is would it be worth it to swap processors? Put the 4000+ in my desktop and the 3400+ in my laptop? Would it really affect performace that much in the desktop and battery life in the laptop? Let me know what you guys think. Thanks =D
  13. Times change.. Occ is still awesome for tech related stuff tho. Like I said before its the ppl that make up an awesome forum. =) But I do side w. you that Occ could tone down the other non tech stuff a bit, but on the other hand if they did, alot of stuff would just end up here. Then, theyd have to start kicking members and blah.. its just not worth it to go back to the way it was.
  14. Yeah. When I first joined OCC it was pretty much all tech talk. Since ive had the time to actuaily be somewhat active again, ive noticed their arent alot of people arround that joined before 2004. Its kind of sad in a way. Change is change. The one kea thing to rember when looking at all the non tech froms is the name of this site.. Over Clockers Club..
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