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Corsair Pc3200 Value select

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Magic search button mon amie.


I think its 3 3 3 8 but Corsair is hit or Miss.

Feast or Famine.

If you bios dosen't auto pick up the correct timings, it probably will not be a happy ending. *(you can see I have had luck with it in one of my rigs.)


A search on the memory modules (part #'s) of the sticks themselves will probably lead you to an answer.


B.O.Luck. *(but 'value' and 'DFI' are not always a happy match.)

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Recommendations and Hot Deals section.


Exceptional post by Sharp.



Pick a quality set based on your price range and requirements.

*Other (non value ) memory brands will OC better.


Teh Corsair in the other machine is chugging along for 6-7 months now, but it isnt used as a gamer machine like my primary one... So its ok mem, but I think the timings I quoted from mem are right and its overall slower and thats FPS and its just a matter of desire vs pricepoint. *(what are you willing to spend to go faster. )


G.Luck & give the thread a read.

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