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  1. That defiantly sounds like a PSU problem. Hopefully it didn’t cause any damage to the mother board. You should never use those PSU that come with the case. Get yourself a new PSU. If you still have the same problem after the new PSU you may have to RMA that motherboard. It would also be a good idea to try a deferent CPU and RAM after getting the new PSU, if you have that option. Hate to say it but you basically just caused yourself some nice future headaches. Well let’s hope a new PSU does it. Keep us updated.
  2. This is good to hear, I always thought they had to be the same exact cards.
  3. Theirs no universal best timings, besides the fact that lower is better. So just try lowering them some and testing each time with memtest. When it’s no longer stable you found the best timing.
  4. That’s what I was hoping to hear. I think ill put my order in.
  5. Do you guys think ill have any trouble fitting a Scythe Ninja in a Cooler Master Centurion 5 Midtower? I took some measurements, and it looks like it should just clear the side panel. Just wanted to hear from people that tried installing this beast in a midtower.
  6. Check the reset button, maybe its stuck down.
  7. I like that idea! And as far as it fitting you can always slap on some longer tubing. :nod:
  8. You can set it to turn off at 25 and turn on at 25 then it will always stay on. But its really better to run your fans off the PSU and not the motherboard.
  9. The yellow wire is to display the RPM not to control them. So yes you control it with the power wire(red) you can buy a fan controller or you can connect it to 5v line. If that’s to low connect it to the 5v & 12v lines at the same time and that will give you 7v.
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