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  1. I am in the process of getting an external HDD and I have a question. Can you plug 2 computers on it ?
  2. Get the latest drivers it will help.
  3. I have 1 XFX card and I have the same psu as you and had no problems. And I play BF2 ALOT !!!
  4. I have the Antec Neo HE SLI 550W and had no problems.
  5. Change your stock chipset fan with an Evercool VC-RE ,it will make a difference. Also use AS5 for your thermal paste.
  6. I just realised that in my initial build that i've put the card in the bottom slot and not in the slot closest to the cpu. Am i missing on performance ? Thanks
  7. Happy_Games, I just realised that in my build i've place the card at the bottom slot not the one closest to the cpu. Am i missing on performance ? Thanks
  8. I have the same memory and have no problems. You might look at your psu. I don't think that the psu you have will do the job.
  9. What video card are you using? Because it could be frame lag. Your ping seems fine.
  10. So you think it's better to change my memory to another brand? If so what is the one you recommand for my rig? Keep in mind that I am a gamer !!
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