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Trying to get stable overclock


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I have been trying most of today to get my system stable. Here my settings, if you have any ideas please share them. This is as far as I want to push the cpu but I cannot boot into windows if I use a memory divider any higher than 133. What's going on here?


CPU [email protected]


Dram Freq:133

cpc: 1T


trcd: 4





trrd: 2

ter: 2

twtr: 2

trwt: 3

tref: 3684

Dram bank: enable


skew control: Auto

Dqs value: 0

Dram drive strength: (currently set to auto-bios says weak1/normal1, weak2/normal2, weak3/normal3, etc. Most settings just say normal but my bios has like 4 normals and 4 weaks. Have tried different settings to no avail)

Dram data strength: 1

ddram response time: normal

max async latency:8

read preamble time:5

idlecycle limit:256

dynamic counter: Enable

R/W queue bypass: 16

bypass max:7

32byte granularity: disable


Dram voltage 2.7

Cpu voltage 1.475

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sorry....anyways i have done extensive work on my opteron and it will not run 200 1/1 166 divider or lower for me some people have no problems youre best bet is to go with lower dividers on the ram and cpu(Iknow it's a pain in the butt)to find your'e best oc.

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Have you read the Definitive Guide To Over Clocking the A64?

The trc should be about 14. Where did you get the tref? What is your CPU max?

What is your Memory max? What BIOS are you using? It takes some of these guys a couple of weeks to get their system stable, you've just been most of the day. Patience!

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