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  1. Thanks for all the responses guys. Turns out my problem was page tearing. The lcd simply couldn't keep up with the fps my system was producing in games like CS:S. Refresh of 60herts and averaging 160fps in CS:S, sometimes over 200fps. Lesson learned. I turned on vertical sync and problem went away in games. I do still get the strange flicker during boot and when the screen changes quickly but has no other affect on anything I do.
  2. Guys I need some great ideas here, I don't know what to do about this.
  3. I do understand what your saying but I noticed this from the very first power up, because I'd never seen it before. Infact, I took it back down to stock yesterday to make sure and it still did it. I'm surprised no one has experienced this before. Just my good luck I suppose.
  4. No no, I am not overclocking the card in anyway, it is at 470/1100. I am using correct resolution 1280x1024 and 60 hertz refresh. I just tried backing down the factory overclock and that did nothing. Did you mean processor? No this problem existed from the very first boot prior to any overclocking.
  5. Well, I just tried downclocking and it didn't help at all. This seems to be getting worse as time goes on too. The artifacts are getting much larger.
  6. Well, I'll try that. It's the n517. I haven't touched the clock on this card. Why pay for an overclocked card if it doens't work, this the third one btw.
  7. Well, I have the updated bios already. Came with the most uptodate one. Man kinda odd the monitor take a poop between unhooking old computer and hooking up new. I am using a different cable though. I'll have to give that a shot but please keep the suggestions coming.
  8. Well prior to building this system it worked just fine on the previous pc. Its only a few months old too. Only difference is I'm using a dvi cable now instead of analog. Could it be the dvi cable itself causing that? Yes it IS an evga? They have an updated bios?
  9. I've been having this problem since I put this computer together. At first I thought it was the video card but after two RMA's, I'm quite convinced it's not the video card. This is what it's doing. The most noticable symptom are random flickers or artifacts during bootup when one screen switches to another, like after post and it goes to the next screen. The instant one the screen switches I see a flicker of a random shape and color pattern. Sometimes it's a line or rectangle, sometimes it's the whole bottom of the screen. It is very quick but obviously noticeable. This also happens sometimes when I alt tab out of a program and the screen switches, it's that instant inbetween one screen and another. Happens in other programs as well. I also get artifacting in games but it's not as noticeable. For instance if you stand with an object in front of you like a box and move left to right it gets garbly on the edges, and also if I move the mouse to quickly I see some artifacting. Now, I will tell you what I have tried. Obviously 3 different video cards, nothing changes. Tried one stick of ram at a time, no change. Tried 1 stick in different slots, no change. Tried putting the video card in the other pcie16 slot, no change. Tried different power cable, different monitor cable, no change. Checked all power connections on motherboard. The Enermax Liberty has two pcie +12v connections, tried both. Bios reports 12.22v in bios, mbm5 reports 12.34v in windows. I get no blue screen errors, no black screens, no freezes or lockups, or random restarts. The only problem I have is this random artifacting. I can play battlefield 2 with everything on high settings and it runs smooth as butter, aside from the subtle artifacting here and there. It's sp2004 stable for 10 hours. WTF is wrong with this thing. Now the only think I can think that could be wrong is either the motherboard itself has something wrong, or the psu even though it reports adequate power. My bios is 704-2bta but it did the same thing with old bios so that's not the issue. Video drivers are up to date. I'm just at my wits end with this. I need some help before I end up RMAing the whole damn machine. I should also note that this problem existed prior to overclocking so that isn't the cause.
  10. Well I am overclocked, lol. Look at my sig. Back to square one. For 8 years or so I've been putting them in standby at night. Now though, with my new rig, that I built, I wanna know what's best for my baby. Past computers have been a Gateway and Dell, okay and a Packard Bell back in the day but shhh.
  11. So the general concensus is to just leave it running as it is when your using it? No sleepmode or any of the sort, just shut monitor off and go to bed?
  12. Are you talking about leaving it running in its natural state or putting it in sleep mode and leaving it on.
  13. Well I just built this computer and I was wondering what is the best course of action when it comes to computers these days. I know back when it was probably best to leave running but what is the best way? Does it take life away from your components from leaving it on all the time?
  14. Thanks again for the help!! This place is so cozy and helpful where everybody goes the extra mile to unleash sarcasm and make new posters feel dumb. A place where 90 people can read your question and not one offer help. Ya just don't see service like this anymore.
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