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  1. then what i would do is use one stick set the timings and divders on the memory save to cmos shut down,then install the second stick then try to boot.
  2. I don't think it will work in dual channel with only one stick i would use 2(I don't think it will boot in dual channel with only 1 stick i could be wrong i always used both.)
  3. You might have to reseat the cpu and if that doesn't work you will have to run dividers on the ram. I had an opteron 150 and it wouldn't run dc 1to1 no matter what config i used. finaly went with 255x10=424mhz 166 divder and dual channel started working.
  4. The one question i have about the 7950 is it really worth buying? Are they going to support dx10 thats around the corner? $1400 is alot to blow out the window on 2 of these if they dont.
  5. I know the big typhoon is huge and standing it upright may cause it to pull away from the cpu.make sure it is tight you don't want that to fall off when running that could get real ugly.
  6. how long have you had this build? a new system will always run hotter before you get a good burn in. in a week or 2 the load temps should drop about 5c. as long as you don't get to far past 60c you will be ok. If load temps of 55c-60c bothers you then you will need to invest in water cooling.
  7. run a sandra cpu benchmark under windows xp 32 bit then run it under 64bit. you will see 64bit benches higher.
  8. If you get windows 64 bit 3790 build it will run any 32bit game out there. it even has drivers for the logitech g15 keyboard.i have run old games such as nascar 2003 and battleship which is a direct x 6 game.The only software that isn't compadible yet is norton and zonealarm firewall.Avast anti virus has 64 bit support along with adware personal se and spybot search and destroy.64 bit also comes with 2 browsers IE32 Bit and IE64 Bit. also browsers such as opera and firefox work very well.The older builds of the 64 bit had problems with software but it now is all good.just don't run any regisrty cleaners or you will screw your system. 64 bit has 2 directories now 32 bit apps get installed as porgram files(86) and 64 bit programs are installed as program files.A regisrty cleaner will detect invalid entries in the(86) section of the os and delete them which will cripple youre system.
  9. lower your voltage on the ram i have ocz gold pc4000 and is rated for 2.8 but it gets errors to where 2.5volts with the exact settings run fine with no errors. try 2.6
  10. TRY THESE Exact memory settings above 300X9/166MEMORY DIVIDER 1.55 VCORE Hypertransport=3x you shoud run memory test for 3hours(overnight ideal) and check for errors if none are found then you know it's the processor holding you back.
  11. could be a driver issue.when windows shuts down it unloads all the drivers which a bad one would cause it to hang.when you first built this system and installed the chipset drivers did you install the Ide drivers?Many people reports problems with the Ide drivers. Also in youre sig are you still using those bios?they are off the website because many issues with those bios.
  12. If it primes running a divider/ stock then my guess would be the memory controller on the cpu didn't like 1.7 volts.
  13. if you set up raid before then you should know that when you enable raid the drives won't show up in the bios anymore,that you need to build the raid arry.when you decide what raid you want and tring to install windows and windows says can't detect the drives then clean the windows disk,make sure there isn't any scratchs or damage to the disk.if your running windows 2000 just make sure youre loading the right drivers.
  14. on any mobo when you enable raid the bios won't see them anymore . you build youre raid array and the raid takes over detecting the drives when done boot off the 2000 disk hit the f6 key and load the raid drivers when prompt.
  15. Have you checked your event viewer for errors? you may see Dcom errors which will cause the system to reboot or bsod.If these errors are there go to administrative tools,services and find the Dcom service right click it pick the properties,recovery tab and you will see first failure and the option will be set at restart the computer,change to take no action second failure take no action and the same for subsequent failures.also you should download AMD 64 tweaker and run that program and the only setting you will want to change is idle cycle limit try 128 instead of 256.run your game and see if the studdering stops which it should.if it still studders try a setting of 64 ect....
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