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My First Oc Attempt... Feedback Please!


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Hello, this is my first attempt at a large overclock at all... It is just using air cooling for now so I am playing it a bit safe...


Here is what I am using for hardware:


Asus A7V600 Board (VIA KT600 Chipset)

Asus Geforce FX 5200 Ultra

512MB DDR 2700

AMD Barton AthalonXP 2500+

4 Case fans in an aluminum case (For maximum airflow)

Double Fan Power Suppply

ThermalTake Volcano9+ (With CoolMod) for cooling


I have this system running at:

11x 200mhz FSB (Total of 2.2Ghz even)

1.75 Vcore Setting

and .1V higher than normal for the DRAM voltage...


The system actually runs (in the monitors) as:

Idle: (with CPU Fan at 60% speed)

31 C motherboard temp

44 C CPU temp

VCore: 1.721V


Active: (During Stress Testing, with CPU fan at 100% speed)

30 C motherboard temp

45 C CPU temp

VCore: 1.721V


I am wondering... I am having trouble keeping stability above an 11x multiplyer unless I reduce the FSB alot, or crank the voltage up alot...


What would be a safe range to play in for experimentation in vcore to see if I can attain higher speeds than this, but without any major risk to my equipment... And also what is a safe temperature range to work with?


Any other feedback you can provide would be extremely helpful...




(SIsoft Sandra sees my chip as an AthalonXP 3200+ hehehe... that is sweet... and it detects the PR rating at like 3190. Also the benchmarks actually slightly outperform a 3200+ on the example refrence chips in Sandra... that is curious...)


Seeya all later!


You can feel free to email me at: [email protected] as well if you like...

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let it burn in for a few days then try to upp the mult again you mite want to drop your fsb when you up the mult and burn in again at about the same speed then up the fsb slowly again but that is a nice oc you have already :D

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Cool thanks... So burn the chip in with these settings then I might be able to up it more? that's cool... (well it will end up hot hehehehe but anyway)




Also I was wondering, What is the safe temperature range for the Video card I have (Asus GeforceFX 5200 Ultra) And what kind of overclock can I expect there? (and how would I do it?)



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WEll you want to keep an eye on your video card when its over 100 degrees, as far as overclocking your vid card, i would use Rivatuner or coolbits to overclock it. You can just search for those programs on google or somethin. Also remember to go up in increments of 5!

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