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  1. I be lurking... but thats also what I used todo
  2. Can't say I know ya...but welcome back? What do you do at HP if you don't mind me asking? i test printers.
  3. Great hobby! i don't know which part is better. the making or consuming of the beer.
  4. Still working for hp (13 yrs now) 3 kids wifey live in a town of 600 ppl i brew beer as a hobby now
  5. Frig it was '02 when i created my account :/
  6. Haven't been on here in ages.. who is still around?
  7. Well, Boss Day is October 16 and we have a really unique and fun way to let them know that you think they
  8. ^ has no idea how big o' steaming pile it is!
  9. ^ has a better machine than <. < wont even mention specs. < doubts he could even play minesweeper on this slow arse pile!
  10. ^ is lazy for not wanting to scroll. Must be a programmer?
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