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Major problems suddenly

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I had been experiencing random shutdowns whilst gaming recently and have been doing some testing to see if I could pinpoint the problem.

I noticed there was a member with a similar problem to me who has posted in the AMD Overclocking section but to summarise here are the issues I have been having.


The machine will just suddenly reboot,no BSOD,no errors reported at all it is almost as though the power cable has been pulled.The machine will reboot until I try and put it under full load.


I have carried out various checks on both my harddrives and unplugged the optical drives.I have also measured my voltage rails with a digital multimeter and they are withing in specification(also the green lights on the psu indicate they are ok)


I tried earlier today to flash to a different bios(was using 7-04bta) and I am now using the 6-23bta from TMods cd.This has made no difference at all.


After the bios flash I thought I would try and check the memory(now for the weird part lol)

I have always used the orange slots for my memory so I removed the top stick from DIMM 2.The pc would not post.I am getting a single beep repeating and the diagnostic leds are stuck on three lit.Initially I thought that the stick had gone bad so I swopped it into DIMM slot 2 and the pc then posted and went into WindowsI then tried the stick that was originally in DIMM 2 in DIMM4 and I had the same beeping and no POST.


I have since tried 2 different sets of Ram and the problem is the same.It also occurs if I try to use DIMM 3.

Now it gets weirder,if I put the ram in both the orange slots the pc posts without a problem and the bios,Windows and CPU Z all see 1024mb of ram.


Now I am thinking of possibly RMAing the board but I want to make sure I have not missed anything stupid so would like some input from you knowledgable people here on the Street.


I guess its quite possible also that the two problems are unrelated in some way?But I cant figure out what it could be.







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