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  1. I have a PC65 as well and it is a struggle sorting the cables out. A couple of suggestions. Dump the floppy drive if you have one(looks like it from the pics).Who really uses one nowadays anyway apart from bios flashing?If I need to do a bios update I just plug the cable in and hang the floppy out the side of the machine. Although I have just bought a USB floppy as I also have a laptop now which is even easier. The Creative cable for the Soundcard could you not route it up behind the mobo and then out the side of it to the front bay? The Zalman bracket is that for your ram or the PWMIC?If its for the PWMIC I found that you can get decent airflow over it by mounting the fan in the 5.25 bay and then having it blowing across the board towards the rear fan.I just used double sided tape to hold mine in place. The only other thing I would do would be to sort out the fan wiring(its not going to impede airlfow) but it looks untidy.The back fan could do with sleeving and then run the cable across the top of the mobo tray and secure it with some of those sticky clips similar to the twist clips already used for the front fans. Oh yeah also consider a proper fan controller as its not a good idea to run the fans off the headers on the mobo(a lot of controllers come with extension leads) so you can then route wirea even better. I have not got any pics of my case I as I stripped it to get it reanodised and chemically polised and its still in bits so cant really show you what I mean. Hope all that helps J
  2. Yes it is doing mine in the morning when I get up. Will try and remember to take photos as I go and update with before and after temp readings. J
  3. Well I have got the shipping confirmation from Performance PCs now so hopefully mine will be here early next week. Hope I dont get hit with Customs charges. Will report back J
  4. Heres another link to the discussion on here about this cooler all 6 pages of it lol http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=39806 Got me a memory crab cooler coming from Performance PCs as well. We need shops like this in the UK J
  5. I have one on its way to me from Performance PCs in the USA. I expect by the time Kustom slap their markup on it I will probably save money.as virtually everything they sell is really expensive. Use the above company they ship internationally as well.I have a couple of other bits coming from them as well :shake: J
  6. LOL at all this. @Mark you have just been given some good advice by RGone there if you actually read it all properly rather than going off on some macho trip. I read it as if your system is stable dont bother. If you feel the need to try and tweak as I do make sure you have a good backup solution(Ghost,or a restore point.)No point in trashing a good install just for the sake of a few points in 3D Mark or whatever. Anyway do a search for Drivercleaner on Google and use that to uninstall your NVidia drivers if you want to change as its the best program by far for removing old drivers(inc ATI,Creative etc) Remember always backup first just in case.... J
  7. I have ordered myself one of these as well from Performance Pc as looking at their website I found they ship internationally :shake: (thats a bad thing lol make me spend more money) What size is the fan on there? I am guessing 40/50mm? If needed I can always replace the stock fan to get rpm sense. Only have to wait about 7 days for it to turn up now and just hope I dont get hit with import duty. J
  8. Hmm reaing some of the replies here has eased my worry a little as mine has hit 70 deg C,only had my Opt 175 in for a day or two so I guess I will still put some active cooling on mine as well. I think Swaaye is probably right though in what he says lol,its like running a car with extra gauges and stuff you are constantly watching them "just in case" J
  9. LOL Thats the funniest thing I have read all week. Good job on the Cooling to the OP as well J
  10. Woohoo glad it worked for you :nod: . Was going to mention a heat gun as we have them at work(motor trade as well you see) but not everyone can access one easily. Must be some serious TIM compond they put on there lol. At least you have it fixed now though. J
  11. I guess there are no push pins coming through the back of the card?Difficult to tell from the picture.Can you get a better close up of the sink front and back. If it is stuck on with some sort of thermal pad have you tried heating it with a hairdryer?Or the other alternative is to put it in a anti static bag and pop it in the freezer(usually works with ram heatspreaders) Hope that helps Just saved the pic and blew it up to see better,I would try the hairdryer method first then if you get it off it looks like you could get an aftermarket cooler on there as it has the holes for pushpins,assuming you can get one with the correct dimensions. J
  12. Ok quick update, I have measured again and results are below Set volts Bios Actual MBM CPU- z 1.500, auto 1.48 1.497 1.46 1.456 1.375*110% 1.48 1.513 1.46 1.456 1.400*110% 1.51 1.533 1.49 1.488 1.425*110% 1.54 1.569 1.52 1.52 I didnt make a note of the combination of VCore * % when I got the scary 1.58 volts sorry. What can I conclude from this? Not a lot it would seem lol only that the VID % does seem to vary the VCore quite significantly from the actual shown voltages within the bios.Also its a good idea not to rely on any software or bios voltages without checking with a multimeter first as I have always done. J
  13. Apologies I skim read Markus's post as I am at work. I will double check and repost my results when I get home.I will get readings from CPU Z,MBM,the bios and with a multimeter. J
  14. I have quoted myself above lol the info was in my original post Hope that helps J
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