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Infinity died on me!

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Can't figure it out.

I made a new computer for my girlfriend with a DFI NF4 Infinity, AMD64 3200+, Kingston Value ram (correctly timed), eVga 6600GT.

I followed the setup guide from the forums (just like I did with my sli-dr).


After 3 days working like an angel it just DIED on her. We where playing a game then suddenly it just turned off. Now it wont even boot.



I press ON, the chipset fan pretend it's going to spin but it don't. And averything remains the same with the 2 red leds on.


I brought my rig here for tests. Tried changing the processor, PSU, video card and ram (with everything else unplugged).

It just won't boot.


NOTE: When I UNPLUG the 12v (4-pin) all the fans work but still nothing happens.


*I also tried Clearing CMOS (following forum guides)



Can u guys help me out? I'm at my girlfriend's house and I want to know if I should send the moptherboard back to the store and ask for another one or whatever...

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