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  1. There is no need to install any chipset drivers. Vista comes with the NF4 drivers.
  2. Thanks, You both. Looks like I will keep 704-2BTA.....but plan on doing a long cmos clear. As well go ahead and reflash the bios. Again thanks.
  3. Anyone? No one has any thoughts or opinion on which is the best?
  4. Hi, It looks like you will need to buy a metal backplate. Per the installation instructions for your Cooler. "If your backplate is of plastic (such as in the case for some Gygabyte and DFI motherboards), replace it with a metal backplate before going to the next step."
  5. Hey all, It is been awhile since I have been here....long while Anywho, I am bringing my DFI board out it's 1.5 year retirement. I upgraded my abit mobo so I have a few extra parts just lying around. The 3500+ and OCZ gold which is still in my dfi signature are the main parts. As to the other parts...It will be a enermax PSU just don't know what else I will get yet...but that is not my question. Here is my question....The bios on this board is 704-2BTA (big Toe) which back in the day (lol) was the best bios out there for this board. So just want you all's thought as to if this is still true. If not which bios is, and why. Thanks.
  6. Here is the link for cmos.....not in my sig... http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...04&postcount=24
  7. See link in my sig for last resort cmos clear. Also have you tried just a barebones (connect only what is required to post) approach? With your motherboard out of the case? Also what are the spec's for your PSU?
  8. Just a typical spring day here in big D. :cool:
  9. No need to install nvidia sata drivers. The built in microsoft drivers will do just fine.
  10. So what do you want to do IT wise? In the last 4 years IT has really become specialized. When I first started in IT, I did it all from WAN, enterprise to desktop support. Now we have different groups that handle's WAN, enterprise and LAN/Desktop support. As well we have an exchange (mail) group. As well a group that just handles all the web (intranet) servers. Now I mainly do desktop support with a little of server/lan support. I just like working with people. Figure out what you want to do then get the training needed.
  11. So what is the point of this thread? Add a little drama to the street? With all that is going on in our world, this is a non issue.
  12. Let's see..No Avatar so I'll give that an 8 Sig, need to get reading glasses to see. So I'll give u a 6
  13. The easest way is to cold boot and logon with the local admin account. Then in windows explorer change the profle name to .old or like. When he logs on the PC it will create a new profile. Then all you will need to do is to copy over his favs, document folder and desktop. About as seamless as you can get for the user. Of course you will have to map any network printers and drives that are not included in his logon script.
  14. Not knowing how you have your domain setup....a few things to look at. When did he last change his password? Does he have any mapped drives on the PC in question? Active sessions? Anything that requires domain account auth. May have it setup with his old password. Also do not delete his profile, just rename like "profilename.old" That way you will be able to move over to new profile his favs doc desktop etc....
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