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  1. Wow, first post back in forever. Any i have the setup in my sig, Will a ATXApire 500W PSU work well in my setup? Any compatabilities issues here?
  2. divided

    p180 amd modstream ?

    hrmm. well i have the system in my sig, you think itll reach?
  3. divided

    p180 amd modstream ?

    any recommendations on psu units that woyuld fit the p180? Would a hyper type-r fit it allright?
  4. Im looking to get an antec p180 and i have a ocz modstream 520 and was wondering if it would fit ok? anyopne have this setup?
  5. So im thinking of replacing my maxtors with a 74 gb raptor and maybe a wd 250 GB Sata2 drive, but will that sata2 drive work on my mobo?
  6. divided

    Anyone here using Opera browser?

    starting with what version did they make opera free?
  7. your question has been answered.
  8. articlean is great. ive used it many a times. as far as the temps and videocards not fitting, must have been a mounting issue, perhaps too much tim? NOONE else has had a fitment issue with that, or any card. if the fan didnt spin up properly *could* be defective, but unlikely. maybe the blades got bent during the install?
  9. haha. i bet i know what he was doing.
  10. divided

    is it possible?

    well i have 6 pooled hp printers, 2 per lab, and would like to share them with 2 different networks, one wired, one wireless. problem is they both have to go through printe servers, as we use pay per print software which requires a print server and a release station.
  11. divided

    is it possible?

    to add 2 ip address to a hp 9050 dn networked printer? id like to use the printer for 2 different networks, thus i need 2 ips. how would i do this?
  12. 2.6 is pretty low voltage. so yeah a 15 mhz increase isnt bad. but its also not good, if you increase the voltage a bit im sure youd be able to get alot more out of it.
  13. divided

    ultra-d ocz?psu

    good choice.
  14. im sure you could just shoot angrygames a pm. he'll instruct you.
  15. you installing exp while oc'd? what about mem timings? all default? and your psu doesnt meet spec. could be anything.