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Winchester Wit 4 Mem Slots Filled @ DDR400 ~ 2T

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I've been reading on the forum about populating the 4 memory slots on DFI boards.

Since I do have couple of 512MB sticks of DDR400s (spread across 3 other PCs), I thought I'd give it a try as well.

The info I got is Newcastle, Clawhammer & Winchester cores were supposed to drop to DDR333 ~ 2T when 4 sticks are present.

My Winchester 3200+ booted into windows at DDR400 ~2T without any problems.

Is anyone else getting this result?

Only explanation I can come up with is my CPU happened to have a good enough memory controller to handle this but still not good enoughfor 1T though. Another thing is that the bandwidth efficiency did drop from the previous 88% to around 73% resulting in only 4667MB/s.

I havent notice any performance drops.

Will continue to tweak and see what I can get.

So all of you Newcastle, Clawhammer & Winchester cores dont despair.


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