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  1. Do you have multiple hard drives connected when installing Windows? If so, just have one drive hooked up through the entire windows setup process, then add the other drive when you have the OS up and running. Definately go with the diags for the HDD if you tried installing with just one drive and still get the same error.
  2. Give me a good ole ice cold Coors Light (used to live in Denver :drool: ) or a Long Island
  3. Well, just for crap and giggles did you try running memtest on all sticks? Your right, it's very unlikely that all 4 sticks went bad, but maybe one or two of them went bad? Try more testing before RMA'ing the board. Change timings, voltage, run memtest on each stick, the with two sticks and then with the other two sticks. I'm sure they ran great before, but sometimes everything just needs a little troubleshooting.
  4. Raphie, do what Thunda suggested and also have you tried running OCCT?
  5. Yes, always go with BIOS over a windows program.
  6. The only difference you should see with the raptor is data transfer to the actual raptor from another drive. It will fly.
  7. You are right. That was just a bad decision by someone at newegg to cancel it after they said it would be taken care of. They should have honored that no matter what to keep the customer.
  8. Well, you have to know how to handle the situation with UPS to get your money, as with every other shipping co. I myself used to work for a major shipping company like UPS for 10+ years, so I know how everything works. I have recieved money back from UPS before because of a shipment being damaged, but I guess that is where my experience comes in.
  9. Yeah, I have one. Found alot of old friends on there.
  10. Like I said, it was crappy that newegg did that to him and someone higher up in newegg probably saw the ticket for the replacement and thought, why should we pay for something that UPS damaged and then canceled it. Yeah, someone from Newegg should have notified him that it was being canceled but what you are saying is that if I purchased something from you in perfect condition, you shipped it to me in perfect condition box and all. When it arrived at my door there was a hole in the box and a dent in the side cover and I contacted you to replace it, you would more than likely tell me that I would need to contact UPS. I know I would not replace it. Plus, everything that is shipped by UPS has a minimum of $100 insurance, so it would not have been a problem. So, with that being said, I apologize for the highjack of the thread, but I just don't see the logic behind some of your answers on that. Newegg should have contacted him on that, but hey, these things happen because no one is perfect.
  11. You also have to consider the burn in time for the AS5. Your temps will be higher at first until it sets in. I can't remember how many hours it is, but 1 week of being on 24/7 should do the trick I would think.
  12. Hmm, well I would hook it up straight through the PSU with the molex and not the 3 pin on the MB so it doesn't "steal" any power from other power hungry parts on the MB. Just me though. It probably doesn't matter, but I would just like knowing it's directly on the PSU and not on the MB.
  13. Hows that PSU treating you. I know your loving it . Glad everything is working out well for you with your new DFI.
  14. Right, the UPS dude more than likely made that hole in the box and dent in the side of your case, which is why he jetted off like he did, so you would not be able to refuse the package. So again, it was crappy that Newegg went through all that and then denied you of it, but it is ultimately UPS's fault and they should have been contacted on the matter. You have made up your mind though, so oh well. I'm not trying to defend newegg, but why should they RMA something that was more than likely damaged by UPS? Just a thought.
  15. Try the card in another system, a friends or another one that you have or try another known good card in your system.
  16. Well, that was crappy on newegg's part but you should have actually contacted UPS for your money as they are the one's who more than likely put the hole in the box and the dent in your new case. I doubt newegg would have sent that out with a hole and a dent in the side of the case.
  17. If you are using your parts from rig one, then yes, you should have no issue's.
  18. Link goodness: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...i+bridge+device
  19. Did you try reseating the card? Try a different PCI slot? One thing, the PSU you have is not recommended for these boards. Trust me, I still have that one at my house and worked well with my ASUS board that I used to have, but when I switched to DFI, no sir. It caused problems.
  20. I found that more entertaining than the new episodes. That was pretty good.
  21. You got that right. That car has been my favorite for years. :drool:
  22. I want to see a kicka$$ NHRA drag game or if not NHRA, just a drag game made by joe blow but needs to be kicka$$. I mean, I'm sooo suprised that there has not been one released yet. I would play that game all the time. All you would here from my room is me making pass after pass after pass down the track. You could make it just like reality. I guess I'm dreaming though *sigh*
  23. Yes, there are issue's with the NF4 and some Maxtor drives. Not sure which ones, but there are issues. Many people know what we are talking about. The board sometimes does not see the drive or it acts very very odd. I forget what the actual symptoms (problems) are, but I remember there being an issue. All my drives are WD drives and I have never had an issue. Well, I take that back. Of course the raptor is sata and the 2 other 320gb are IDE. I had the IDE and sata connected when trying to install windows. Not a good ordeal! Installed with just the raptor plugged up and then connected the other two after windows was loaded. No problems after that though.
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