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  1. Looking....gonna try it when I get home tonight! Can anyone comment on whether this BIOS helps with OCing?
  2. Temp seems to be fine........Vcore to 1.5 / VID Spec. 113% (CPUz shows 1.644V) ran for10 minutes with 100% CPU load gives me 54 degrees ~ I'm OK with that temp. I might try 1.7V when I get home tonight ~ Has anyone tried OCing by changing command rate from 2T to 1T and got higher clocks?
  3. I've had my OC for a while at 2.75GHz (250 x 11 @ 1.45 (CPUz shows 1.405) / VID Spec. 110%) with 1:1 memory setting @ 3-3-2-5 / 2.8V. LDT/FSB: 3 Chipset Voltage: 1.7V LDT Voltage: 1.4V I've been trying to get it to 3GHz lately but without success......... I've tune FSB : Mem divider to 9:10 so memory runs at 180 to start off with... Bumped FSB to 255MHz, giving me 2.8GHz @ 1.475 / VID Spec. 110% but running two SuperPI would result in "Not exact in round" error. ~ 100% CPU load @ 50 degrees Tried upping the Vcore to 1.475 / VID Spec. 113% (CPUz shows Vcore at 1.616V) results in "Not exact in round" error! ~ 100% CPU load @ 52 degrees Tried upping the Vcore to 1.5 / VID Spec. 113% (CPUz shows 1.644V) results in "Not exact in round" error! ~ 100% CPU load @ 54 degrees Does 2.75GHz sound like the end of the line for OCing this E6 stepping CPU? Do you guys think I should try bumping up the Vcore, LDT and chipset voltage more and try and squeeze it to 3GHz? Or are there other things to try without bumping up the voltage....such as dropping the timings to 2T = less stress on the CPU memory controller = more stability??
  4. There's been plenty of threads on the location of the PWMIC and from my understanding.......it's the chip on top of the 24pin plug and to right of the DRAM modules (correct me if I am wrong)! Anyway, my OC settings are in my signature.......under full load and with a 80mm fan blowing right on the PWMIC, its temperature still rises to 60 degrees. What I want to know is.....people that have effectively controlled this temperature, are they using high rpm fans (high pressured wind) or just stand fans at 2500rpm or so? Thanks in advance ~
  5. Well.....the online scanner you suggested probably did something to it as well.... I thought since I found a way to disable the two processes, I was just gonna throw everything I got at it.....Avast, NOD32, Kas, online scanners....... So the online scanner definitely came in handy!!
  6. Finally removed ~~ I ran CWShredderThis ~ you gotta click "fix" and very very very very quickly before the virus shuts the program off automatically. Now, CWShredderThis dont fix the virus problem but it somehow interferes with the two processes and allows for installation of antivirus programs and online scanners!!! I think I then installed NOD32 or Avast (cant remember which one exactly) but it ran a scan of all the drives before booting into Windows and it cleaned the registry entries and viral exe file in each partition. I now have Kaspersky Internet Security running and the Kas scanner didnt pick up anything on my drives!!
  7. nice~~~this one actually lets you remove / delete viruses found....... Kaspersky found the viruses but I couldnt find the remove / delete virus button
  8. cant ~ the two processes crashes the safe mode......... I am at work now so I'll have to work on it when I get home tonight Thanks for everyone's help and I'll keep you guys updated
  9. Alright ~~ Running HiJackThis after booting into Windows actually disables the two processes........... I was able to run an online scan of Kaspersky and found the virus to be Virus.Win32.AutoRun.f + an autorun registry entry in systme volume folder of EVERY PARTITION I have (except the C Drive)!!! The original .exe file is Axxxxxxxxxxx.exe or idkvuao.exe The online Kaspersky scanner only points out the virus problem but I was unable to remove it
  10. yeah, I was thinking of WinPE.......and do a scan from there One other thing I noticed is that these two files affects only Chinese version of XPs. If WinPE fails, I might throw on the Eng. version and give that a go
  11. Thanks for that and let me translate it for you ............ those references you gave are just a couple more peeps with the same problem and cant figure whats wrong with it. In terms of google search......I created the first search result (on TomsHardWare) for those two weird processes running but there are search results on google now, I noticed!! Another thing is, the virus must have been created by an Oriental due to its phonetics. I have found the location of the exe files, they are in C:program files/common/microsoft shared.....but it's hidden. I manage to delete it with "HiJackThis" but it gets planted back into my C drive after the reboot!! The 2 exe files disable Norton auto-protect upon startup/ shuts down explorer automatically if I try to start up antivirus manually/ I cant enable hidden files or folders/ shuts down IE automatically when I access online virus scanners/ crashes the system if I try to enter "safe mode" causing me to reboot So far, it sounds like a super virus to me.............. By the way.....I'm in Taiwan but am from down under!!
  12. yeah.....I am sure the little bugger is hidding amongst other partitions Its on the 2 X 160GB raid 0 drives but I have about 280GB worth of MP3s / softwares and MVs on there so I am hoping to remove the problem rather than kill the whole drive........... Hopefully one of those antivirus companies comes up with a solution soon......
  13. yeah, google comes up with my own post on Toms' indeed..... I did a format and then re-installed but those 2 processes still exists...... I noticed they are acitvated when I explore drives / directories on my PC!! YES, a clean install will not get rid of this thing......... AND......it automatically disables Norton, NOD, Kapersky upon auto start up or manual start up!! I used HiJackThis and found those two exe files are in C: program files/common files/........but then the exact folder where this thing is must be hidden and with this virus, I can't enable hidden files (because of the virus) so I can't see it Obviously all of the major antivirus companies havent had many enquires into this issue because I cant find a thing in regards to this on their sites
  14. I've recently encountered an odd problem. I was using my PC one day and all of a sudden I realize of the programs and functions dont work...........eg. antivirus program disabled, no network, opening new windows when double clicking on a folder though I've set it to open in the same folder. Anyway, this is Microsoft Windows......it's suppose to mess up every now and then. So I thought I'll reboot to solve this little situation. Rebooted and back into Windows, same problem exsists. I thought, stuff it.....lets re-install!!! First thing back into Windows, things were working fine again except no drivers for VGA and icons are HUGE!! Continued to install Nvidia platform / VGA drivers.......and weird things started happening again..... I noticed there are 2 ODD processes running after I install the drivers, they are ............. hsowxuq.exe & xvxmpsq.exe For whatever reason, it seems to disable Norton auto-protect upon startup and I cant enable hidden files / folders Does anyone here know if these two processes are the cause to my problems?
  15. Tried those 9.67 drivers, still didnt work! Whats happening is that I've already installed Vista on another IDE drive (non-Raid) and I have a pair of Raid-0 drives that Vista cant identify! I am not trying to do a fresh install, that Raid installation process is somewhat similar to the XP one (-the press "F6" process).
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