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No post with aux connectors connected

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The Truepower II has two 12 Volt rails.



i have a similar problem with my enermax....if i boot with all 4 conectors plugged to the mobo it wont display image on the monitor for more than 10 segs

if i unplug the molex and the fdd it runs flawlessly.....


imo i think that my psu is on the limits and its just to much power to drain from there


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Okay, PSUs with multiple 12v Rails are like having multiple power supplies. In this case eace has 12 V @ 19 Amps. I hope you can dig this. Say you connections all tie to one Rail, hmm. Having two rails would be great if they could draw from each other.

@steelbalzz - your board is not running better because you have not connected all your board power connectors but because you are not pulling to much from one Rail by disconnecting some connectors.


Think about balancing the Rails. It will just take a little extra planning.


Most of us have multi Rail PSUs and a lot of us are lucky and a few plan it right, but sometimes some get caught by the Bear, Heh Heh!

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