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  1. With my opteron 146 at 270 i cant run my ram at 1:1. It will run at 9/10 245Mhz. If i lower my cpu multi and use 166 divider to get 245 on the mem and whatever the cpu speed is, it works fine. If i use the 180 divider to get 2.7 and 245 on the memory. i get stability issues. Anythin i can do to help this?
  2. Hey can anyone tell me what program is needed to change both the vcore and vdimm from windows instead of having to go back to the bios to change voltages. Cheers
  3. Now i kno your all gonna say sumthin is wrong, its not seated right, do this do that. Well iv done all i kno bar lap this big typhoon and duct the air into it. Checklist of things iv done to cool down cpu: removed IHS Stuck 100CFM fan on typhoon Bunged up gaps at edges of fins on typhoon Removed excess material on base of HSF to stop contact with socket Applied thermal grease (der) Made sure case air flow is good Used H plates from TT to mount typhoon I still cant get 2.8 out this thing! not even at 1.55v
  4. Which way should i orientate the fan on my BT? Some ppl say that having the air sucked thu it works better than having it blown thru? Can anyone confirm this?
  5. ok core is naked right now.. still gettin 52c load temps tho. Its really hard to mount big typhoon in this case as there's little room to tighten the bolt at the back of the case. About 1/2 a cm of my IHS on the one side never had any TIM on it maybe due to bad seating. Am gonna take typhoon off and have a look for proper seating. I put some rubber bits on the outside corners of cpu to cushion it a bit. Maybe theyre too thick. Will report back in a tick.. Angry_games. With the video you done posted in this thread. You were right about the back side of them razors bein sharp. OUCH! EDIT: Ok guys. Removed IHS fine. Seated BT fine. At 1.5v i still seeing 56c in OCCT stability test. What the hell is this processor? Forged by the devil himself or what??
  6. my idle temps at stock are upto 35c with a big typhoon and a 100cfm fan over it. definatly bad seating of ihs. Tried freezer64. water cooling and typhoon. No luck. SUmthin is up
  7. i have no money and this is my only chip after i sell my 3200. Im gonna be CAREFUL! Thanks for the guide. I been looking for one EVERYWHERE!
  8. What Tool should i use to remove the IHS of my opty 146? I have here a dismantled Gillete Mach3, a stanley knife. And a rather sharp scalpel. Iv attempted a couple of times and wussed out cus the blade seems too thick. Even with the mach3 blade. the steel backplate the blade is mounted on doesnt allow it to go under the IHS. With the scalpel and stanley knife iv kinda been worried about pushing too hard. What Tools have you guys used to do this? How much force is needed to get blade under the IHS?
  9. ah i c. thanks alot. How are we supposed to change vcore and vdimm from windows with these boards then?
  10. i kno that the screws that mount from the back are different lengths. Is there any chance that they will hit the fins on the typhoon. Iv looked at the setup outside the case and it looks like it'll be ok. Even if it notches a fin its no big issue. Jus want some hassle free installations!
  11. Hey guys. Can anyone tell me if the mounting mechanism i have installed already with my bigwater is compatible with the big typhoon? Its the Big steel H plate with 2 long bolts thru it. Then on top you've got the 2nd steel H plate with 2 little nuts that tighten it down. thanks
  12. In smart guardian when you click the options button. There is a voltage tab. All the voltages are enabled and there are various percentages to the left of them. what do they do?
  13. Ok i kno these things are said to run really hot but this kinda takes the biscuit. Fair play im runnin pretty pooey cooling but its a bit silly. At stock speed and stock volts. My 146 is idling at 38C with a thermaltake bigwater kit. (insert flaming here) Iv literally just installed it so i kno it can take time to bed in and stuff. But thats plain ridiculous. I used to get 28c idles on my 3200+. Apart from getting a new kit or whatever else productive anyone has to say. Is there any way to improve these temps?
  14. I jus got a opteron 146 from ebay BNIB untested. Its stepping data is as follows CAB2E 0546FPAW Has anyone had any experience with this stepping/week. What can i expect from it? Thanks alot
  15. I jus changed a few settings in A64 tweaker. From ones i knew worked to jus a little tighter. It failed after 10 hrs prime blend test. Options i changed were.... Read Preamble 5.5ns to 5ns Tras 8 to 7 Tref 200Mhz 15.6us to 200Mhz 7.8us Can anyone tell me which one is most likely causing errors?
  16. Hey guys. I jus got some twinmos speed premium 3500 and they have PSC IC's on them according to the company i bought them off. The number on the IC is TMD7608F8E44F They are pretty plain IC's, a dimple in the lower left corner. That number, and the production date EDIT: The last 4 digits of my P/N are ACMT
  17. The 12V rail on the above PSU is only reading 11.71v on the 12V rail in ITE smart guardian. IS there anyway to adjust the 12v Rail without voiding warranty?
  18. Iv seen countless threads on this topic. But not really the same as this. My NB idles at about 40c and in full load (prime95 blend + rthdribl) it never goes above 46c. Thats good yeah? Also what are good temps for the PWMIC? mine idle at 36/38 and go to 46 under same load as above.
  19. LOL!!! I guess experimenting will have to do... jus as i got it tidy aswell
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