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GiveAway: Dual-80mm Radiator

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I'm saying goodbye to an old friend. This radiator has served me well over the past year. I have used it to cool Northbridge I/Cs and do other experimental projects. I am moving over to a Danger Den triple-120mm radiator which is why I am getting rid of this one.


The item is similar (if not exactly) to a Danger Den Micro:




What the winner will get:


1 x dual-80mm radiator with 1/2" barbs.




1. Guess the number I am thinking of between 1 and 1000.


2. Only one guess per member. If it is found that a member has guessed more than once, their posts in this thread will be deleted and member will be deemed ineligble to participate in this giveaway.


3. If more than one person guesses the number, the earliest post will be awarded the prize.


4. Free USPS shipping anywhere in the U.S. & Canada.


5. Members in other locations in the world will need to reimburse me (PayPal only) for actual shipping charges to their location with the method of their choosing.


6. Contest ends on December 31, 2005 at midnight.


7. Winner will be notified by PM, and a post by me in this thread.


8. If the winner of the prize does not want it, then the next closest guesser will be awarded the prize.


9. There will be no hints given as the number I am thinking of would be too easy to guess. Oops, I guess I just gave a hint. :D


Good luck to all!

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