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  1. I have a 3850 512 mb power color I was considering selling. How much you thinking? my heat is meanermodder although Ihavent done any trading on line in a long while.
  2. I have an xfx 8800 gts with two danger den water blocks. I never bougt a second one. the blocks were givin to me buy someone that works at dd and they were actually first editions for testing but are the same as new ones. how much were you looking to spend. BTW I have reached well over 12000 with this card on 3dmark06 and vista 64.
  3. yeah one will work ok. I bought a used one from likewhoa thats rated at 480 watts should do the job nicely.
  4. ok after the voltage increase I gained another few degrees cooler. However, the the heat they are putting off is very high and I need to get fans that produce more cfm because I think that they are holding the freezones back a bit at this point. I don't think that enough heat is being removed and its causing it to run hotter. Im ordering some 110 cfm fans today and Im gonna get a another freezone to put in the loop. 1 freezone per core right now and my stats are about the same or near that of catkicker running a freezone at higher voltage on a single core. So one more should hopefully put me over the top and cause temps to go down even further. This is a B0 stepping and its very hot and with newer, lower power procs coming Im sure this thing will perform much better with say, a penryn. So I think that 5 freezones will be the limit. Ill post pics later when the sun isnt so bright in here. For now temps are as follows 10c @ idle and25c at load with the proc @ 470x7 for 3.290mghz and 1.38v cpu core. This core is kind of a chump. It leaks bad above 1.4v and doesn't want oc anymore @ stable. I'd love to try a nice G0 step on it.
  5. LOL actually I have been very side tracked lately and the mess is settin right here next to me. I just recieved the PS that will take my freezits to 18v today and I was just about to try it out. Ill post some pics tommorrow . This is gonna be an on going build Im afraid as Im just too busy to just get in and finish it. Im thinking of adding two more to the loop. haha just cause I can! hehe I saw two on forums at the right price but lets see what 18+ volts will do. Right now they are @ 16.21 Volts and it idles around 14c and load is 27-29c. Ill post back later tonight.
  6. Mine are running at 16.21v and I think they will easily take 18v but they are need much more powerful fans. A 15v meanwell is the way to go. :nod:
  7. yes it is vista, you have to have a password protected logon to windows and put that logon in to the setup of smp.
  8. I have been working the past couple days on this thing and am posting from it now. I will post a bunch on it this weekend. I promise. I haven't had a second computer to post so I have been without for days. I had one but all of a sudden I have a Son in my life again and he like computers so all my extra parts and my antec case went to him last weekend. It sucks not having a computer but having my Son in my life again after 15 years is worth 100 of em. :nod: Anyways this weekend I promise, more pics and updates.
  9. Well I got the meanwell yesterday and hooked all the teks on the freezones up to it and started it up and and right off the bat after setting it to 12 v I saw an immediate drop in the idle temp by a degree. I guess its because the meanwell supplys a more stable constant voltage than a pair of old pc PSU's. Anywho, I took it up in increments to 16v proper. MY idle temps at 3.2ghz 470 fsb was 14-15c before, after the voltage increase my idle went down to 10c. Now thats a nice little drop and it seems the idle is far harder to bring down than the load temps and this where more volts really shines. My load temps while running [email protected] smp client at 98 % was [email protected] 3.2ghz, now its 25c. I have now raised the fsb to 490x7 and upped the cpu v to 1.425 as it was 1.40. Its running @3.44ghz now and the load temp after a while is only 28c where before when I tired to run it this fast it would run for an hour then shut down and get to 47c . heres a screeny of it now under [email protected] load. So I know I'm not showing a bunch of photos with every step as proof but I just don't have time. As you can see I have achieved around 18-20c drop in load temps by just upping the volts to 16v. I'm sure if I had a 16 volt meanwell These could take some more and I didnt get the variable bench PSU yet . I would definately have to put more powerful fans on the freezones though as they are running very warm. I'm sure though that with the new case and proper isolation and the newly resurected and lapped thermaltake block and after lapping this b3 I will see even better results @ 16v, especially on the idle temps. Chow for now this weekend I will be taking this crap pile apart and getting everything into the new case. :nod:
  10. LOL Nowadays, toilets flush in the direction the maker intended them to. Now take a 5 gallon water jug , cut the bottom out and fill it up while upside down and dump it and see which way it spins out and see if it does that consistantly. Its suppose to spin one direction north of the equator and the opposite south of it. BTW I read somewhere that some students traveling around the world tried it and found it to be 80 percent true.
  11. Got My new P5k vm and E2160 yesterday and now have a nice new office rig running at 3ghz with a 333 fsb and 2 gigs ballistic pc8500 tracer @ 1066.I think the cheap butt psu in the qpack is holding my fsb down. I love it. Mobo and cpu for just at 200 bucks! so I now have a backup and can tear into my main rig and get this case done. I will posting results and pics off and on now for a while. I ordered one of these. http://www.power-factor-1st.com/shop/enclo...ries/s-320.html I have the 13.5 coming so I can adjust the voltage from 12 to 15 volts. But I wont get it till around Aug 5th. Hopefully theres a lot of headroom for these teks and I can get them up to 15 v and maybe get another 10-15% increase in performance from the freezones in combo.. I'm ordering one of these today, http://www.circuitspecialists.com/prod.itml/icOid/9079 I've been needing one bad. When you like to tinker like me its a necessity. I can take one of these freezones to failure if need be to see what they can really do. I love breaking . as much as I do fixing/improving it . :nod:
  12. find a sheet metal shop in your area and get it local. or a metal supply. do some digging and youll save money. you can get small pieces at lowes and the Home Depot.
  13. Yes they are all for sale and all are ocz ati branded.
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