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random blue screens

Guest Angel_merged

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Memory run by SPD

No overclock

System randomly gets blue screen


"STOP 0x009C: (0x00000004, 0x80540AF0, 0xB2000000, 0X00070F0F)

Beginning dump of physical memory"

It's really random, sometimes it works fine for a week, sometimes it gets blue screen for several times in five minutes

For reboot after blue screens, it may fail(before or during WinXP loading screen) and directly restart(restart from bios screen)


My system


Bios 6/13/2005

Athlon64 3000+ Venice

2x512MB Trenscend PC3200 Samsung TCCC (TS64MLD64V4F3)

1x 160GB Hitachi IDE hdd (System)

1x 120GB IBM IDE hdd

1x 160GB Hitachi SATA I hdd

BenQ DW800A

LiteOn 24102B

Gigabyte 6600GT

Zippy 400W

Windows XP Pro SP 1


I found some information about the stop message, but I don't know what to do


• System bus errors

• Memory errors that may include parity or Error Correction Code (ECC) problems

• Cache errors in the processor or hardware

• Translation Lookaside Buffers (TLB) errors in the processor

• Other CPU-vendor specific detected hardware problems

• Vendor-specific detected hardware problems


If anyone has any suggestions or further details, please post, thanks a lot.

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1)Key 1 may be provided by microsoft :nod:

Noisy power, overstressed power strips, outmatched power supplies and failing power supplies
which u seem to have misssed in your summary.

400w is a little below par.

try disconnecting a few hard drives/ optical drives & see if the problems persists

also check out NF4 Ultra/SLI Mobos:PowerSupplies


2)run memtest overnight to check for any memory errors.

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I have tried one hdd without any optical drive

but the system is the same, randomly gets blue screens

Even with full loading, I run prime95 continuely for more than 3 days

the system just gets blue screens randomly

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PLease create a signature so we do not have to keep scrolling around to see what you have. While you are at it

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I see you do not have a LP NF4, but rather a DAGF so I am not sure what your actualy power requirements are.


What are your temps like under load?

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Full load means 3*hdd and 2*optical drives.

I ever tried 1 hdd, but got the same blue screens.

Sorry for breaking the rule, I do it this time.

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Video card: 68 C --> 79 C

I installed ITE smartguardian inside NF4-DAGF disc, it reads

system1: 49 C --> 50 C

system2: 43 C --> 44 C

I don't know what do they stand for respectively.

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