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hmmm....it did work the way i wanted it to, kinda.

but my bios cdc no longer works. when you boot regualarly to my bios cd, it reads the boot file as A: and the actual files on the cd (bioses ect.) as drive Z:....now the drive Z: isnt the cd-rw drive anymore for some odd reason.

i made some ini changes and im compiling and buring it again in hopes of a light at the end of the tunnel.

ill keep you updated.

thanks for that little progy, its very neat!

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yeh that not going to work out. now Z drive is the bootloader. not good.

the only thing i can do is if you could tell me how to run the boot loader from a command and i could add that to the bios cd...but thats basically back to square one as i could run memtest the same way...

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Np :), that boot loader is a bit finiky yeah.

I tried booting it from it's self once and it does'nt work...
I would'nt know how to load it up :(, it's a binary pointing to another binary :.
As for the drives, mine comes up as A: I think.
If I run dos, anything outside the iso I booted, if it's an iso, is unviewable unless you use a cdrom driver.

If the boot image is on the cd, and is'nt compressed, then I can see the entier cd as A:.

For dos cdrom drivers I got an old toshiba ibm driver for dos that works on every single drive probably (the absolute best driver I think,never failed me like ones on the 98cd have).

One prob I do know of off hand.
Using that iso+1999 or whatever it was screws over certain files when used across a cdrom driver in dos.
You can't find the file even though dir says it's there, or a directory sometimes.

The only way around this is change the image type from mkisofs (a finiky program in it's self, but probably the most efficient iso maker around).

Try mkisofs /? or something and that will give you a huge list of options to play with :).

If you can't get it working, there's allways nero, just burn it using the bcdwboot,bin as the bootable image and 4 sectors just like a windows nt cd.
That way you can choose not to use mkisofs for no untill everything is working(except for windows because nero f's up, but for everything else it'll work).

Anyways that's about all I know on that kinda.
I notcied one huge problem with bcdwthough, you do a int19(soft reset to bootloader) and it'll reboot the actual image that bcdw just booted before the int19 happened.
It's supposed to reboot to the point where it checks for a cdrom and boots the floppy,then the hd's, stuff like that.

So actually it's allready obsolete, but I guess it's not that bad of a loader.

Anyways why not add dos to bcdw?
Instead of trying to boot it with dos you know.

Format a floppy, use winimage to make a ima thingy for it.
From there you can test it, modifiy it and even change the tpe to a hd image and all that if you want(Won't work as a real hd though, still seems like a floppy to me, umbpci says it's a floppy ^^).

If you manage to find a better bootldr that does everything,defently give me a holler lol ;).
Anyways good luck and if you need any type of image I should beabel to supply it.

Got win95a,b,c dos,98a,b dos,me dos,2k3 dos(It's a modified me dos) and many others.

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[quote name='Shinobi']Well what have you got on there so far stealth?[/quote]


NEO, gimme a few minutes to read your post and digest it lol

lots of good info there :nod:

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hmmmm can i get that philips driver? i had HUGE problems with for example a file name not working on the cd. instead of directory.bat i have to type direct~1.bat PITA!!!

that would be sweet if it solved it!

i think my next move on this cd is adding the nf4 bioses and im also throwing nf7 bioses on too :P what other infinity and lpb bioses you all want?

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[quote name='stealth17']I wanted to see if you NF2 Ultra-B users would be interested in a bios CD like the one for the nf4?

It basically one bootable CD that contains all the bioses and flashing utility. You put the CD in and a legend lists all the bioses on the cd. then you type say gohf6-19 and it flashes it with all the correct syntax and stuff...very simple.[/quote]
Excellent idea and efforts! I would like to have one; plz keep us posted...Thanks

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[quote name='go4dfi']Excellent idea and efforts! I would like to have one; plz keep us posted...Thanks[/quote]

v2.0.000 is done....


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Very nicely done Stealth17.

Just downloaded and burnt with Nero
flawless. absolutely no glitches and very easy to navigate
good seleection of bioses.
I hope you found some in that massive bios email.
I know it takes a lot of work to put something like that together.

Kudos man, keep up the good work.
Site's lookin real nice by the way.

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glad to see it works great.

keep your eye on this thread for updates.

yes, i did use your files! thank you very much!

there were a few i need you to explain what they are. like who they are mad by, if they are modded, ect.

heres the ones i wasnt sure what they were:


i know the ID are infinity and LD are lpb...thanks

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