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  1. "Uniform" isn't the system palette though is it? I'm not sure what it is really. EDIT: "The Uniform palette specifies a set of colors uniformly distributed throughout color space. This palette only exists for 8, 27, 64, 125 and 216 colors and so the number you specify in the depth parameter may be reduced to accomodate this."
  2. I use Photoshop, Paint, Paint.NET, and GIMP. Just depends on what I'm doing as to which I use. Use Windows and make sure you use 8bit (256 colors). In photoshop you have to goto mode -> Indexed Color to change that. I think the reason these are giving errors is that the bios has a specific palette that we must follow. I can't find any other reason. There are a few palettes that adobe cs has to offer, Windows, OS2, and some others.....the bios one could be any combination. I don't think there is a good way to find out either. Try using "Uniform" palette if you have that option. It seems to work best for me. That's how I got the RDX logo below to work finally. If I didn't put the mobo in greyscale then it would have changed to a bright blue color and looked really stupid when I put it on Uniform. Sure they have. I have and through this thread there were a few. Post your pic and what bios you want it to go in. We will see what we can do. On a side note, I finally got that RDX logo I made to work. I put the motherboard in greyscale but kept the red glow around it. Makes for a kinda neat effect really . Again this seems to go along with my thought that it is the palette causing our problems. Here is 624-2 bios for the Sli-D/DR and Ultra-D/DR motherboards with the above logo integrated: http://stealth17.com/hosting/files/1/624-2_rdxlogo.zip -Jordan
  3. 8-bit (256 colors) I can get it to come out looking a lot better in 8-bit and all the parameters right but for some reason it just won't work when I do it. All I did was replace all the pixels with that stupid purple color over the the dark brown that is already used in the image (meaning it is still a color from the 256 color pallet) and it's a big no go. I have no clue why not.
  4. Oh you probably downloaded and iso. An iso is just an image of what the CD should burn like. How big is it? You might not be able to use CDBurnerXP Pro. Basically just open the file in CDBXP and it burn it! No need to add additional files since it's and iso!
  5. Are you creating or burning an iso?
  6. hmmmm. Well, look at this. I've tested this one and it does work. But look how crappy it looks: Any ideas? The PSD is in post 45.
  7. Yes. CDBurnerXP Pro is a very nice app. I've even gotten my school to install it on their computers!
  8. Tmod, how did that dragon work after you converted it to the correct format? It looks shiity when I converted it.
  9. This one should work http://stealth17.com/hosting/files/1/LPLOGO.BMP
  10. hmmm you know what, I had the same problem with another boot logo I made. I posted about it on page 2, post 32. I fixed it with a little trick of mine, let me try it on this file and see how it goes I'll repost in a couple hours.
  11. I made one in 16-bit color (640x480) for you. It should work. It's the same basic design as the other one but with a few different twists. I zipped the PSD in too if you or someone else wants/needs it. I also have the Lan Party logo extracted with a transparent background here: http://stealth17.com/hosting/files/1/lanparty_extracted.psd And the RDX mobo extracted with a transparent background here: http://stealth17.com/hosting/files/1/rdx_extracted.psd
  12. Yeh I had my computer plugged into a ungrounded outlet once and everytime you touched the case it would shock you. I made a thread about it at EOCF. Decided it was just that it needed grounded. I ran some new 12-2 and a 3 prong outlet and it was fine. Recently had the same thing with my LCD monitor. It was plugged into a 2 prong and when you touched the DVI cable it would shock you. Just needed properly grounded. Not only are you risking killing electronics, but there is a far higher risk of fire and/or personal injury. And yes, if the box is "bonded" then why would there be a 2 prong outlet? lol. Talk to your landlord about the issue. Something needs to be done. Maybe you can agree to pay half for an electrican or something.
  13. Sorta. I have to pick a short story and do a report on the context and author. It can't be under 1000 words.
  14. What's a good short story (1000+ words) with an ironic plot?
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