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Ok I have four questions on OC (hope that’s not to many?)


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#1-- What’s the pros and cons of running Dram Freq set at 166 (Dram/fsb 5/6) Verses 150 (Dram/fsb ¾)


On –150- I can reach 318fsb @ 2.4 all most 2.5 and on 166 only [email protected] 2.300 with only 18 marks different in 3Dmark2001SE But I can see a grate different in my video graphics? ( I find that to be the differents between L1&L2settings ?)


#2—what are the settings called in a64tweeker for TWCL--DQS Skew Control—DQS skew value—Ram Drive Strength?


#3—In your memory timing guide lines you state “ better for performance / Better for over clocking” now that’s confusing to me because they mean the same thing to me (faster is better performance)??? can someone explain this to me please


#4---In 3Dmark2001SE-- I get readings (no support or hardware found for) Game 4—Envirment Bump mapping—Pixel Shader—Advanced Pixel Shader??? Is this something my VW video card don’t support or is it software I don’t have installed????


That will keep me busy for days lol thanks in advance for any help on these problems that’s got me stuck.


Pure Country Stuck In NL….. Michael

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#1 Whichever works best for you is the one you should use. If the one setting looks better, use it.


#3 I believe that should read, "influence on stability/influence on bandwith", which are two totally separate and often contrary things.


#4 I would guess it is your VC, possibly a driver issue for it. I never had to install anything beyond the 3DMark software to get it to work.

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