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What other air cooling alternatives for my case

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have an ANTEC TX1050B Case

i've got one 120MM rear fan

two 80MM case fans @ the front for HDD cooling and one @ the bottom

one 80MM on the side panel for video card cooling


im trying to find more alternatives for cooling my case and components.

recommend more for me ?


Also, i would like to try for active cooling on my ram

but it doesnt seems a ZALMAN FB123 will be long enough from the bottom PCI SLots to my reach my ram.


also i have the CPU DUCT removed from the side panel . it seems a 120MM can fit through the mesh holes.

would that help cool the ram from that distance..it's directly facing the heatsink and ram ./

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ok i just attached the stock AMD CPU fan and cable tied it around my UV cables. it's standing on top of the artic freezer 64 heatsink.

i post some pics later

reduced 40-41c PWMIC to 34-35 degrees.

overall temps are :

CPU: 35c

PWMIC: 35c

Chipset: 40

hows the above temp's?

Also i noticed my CPU temps were around 25-30 on average

it seems to have significantly jumped.

any reason for this?

my system is overclocked to 2.5ghz (270HTT) using 5/06 dividers, ram is running @ 220mhz volts @ 3.0

does temps seem okay? now that the extra fan for the memory is installed..,im gonna start pumping more volts and burning in.

one more thing, i've never seen my Antec Smartpower II 500W exhaust fan move once? never ever since i got my new system just 2 weeks ago. will i ever see it in action lol

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everything looks fine. however the venice core should run lower. i have a rig with a 3000+ Venice overclocked to 2.8 and its still in the upper 20C's. I have 3 120mm blowholes to exhaust the hot air. 2 80mm fans intaking from the back. 2 80mm fans intaking from the front and 2 80mm side fans.

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