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  1. my overclocked systems seems to run pretty stable in windows and in most games. However, i have came across a problem while running the game "battlefield 2" the error message seems to be a memory related problem. "corrupted memory/file [81301]" what should i do ? downclock my memory settings? if so to "auto" ? i dont know what i should be doing to solve the problem my system is running to the following: CPU Clock 2430.7 MHz (original: 1800 MHz, overclock: 35%) CPU FSB 270.1 MHz (original: 200 MHz, overclock: 35%) Memory Bus 221.0 MHz Memory Timings2-2-2-6 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) stock settings for my Bh-5 ram? any suggestions
  2. hi, ive just noticed that my windows sound schemes do not work in sounds and devices (control panel) in sound schemes, theres only windows default and none of the sounds work when played . under pgoram events: the windows box icon seems missing meaning the registry is corrupted? also, i cannot hear MIDI files on my computer Also, MSN messenger sounds cannot be heard when all sounds are enabled i find this quite strange. my mp3s and movies audio work fine on the PC what seems to be the problem? driver related or just because my windows registry is corrupt because ive just recently recovered from UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME errors where i had to repair through windows recovery console , it got fixed successfuly, but in that case even before that problem. my sounds have disappeared but where to ?
  3. helped me heaps i read that sticky first but was stuck in detecting my PWIMC and CPU temps. had problems with which diode detected which. anyways its all solved now and its displaying on my desktop fine .its all good , love the layout .beats smartguardian
  4. hey guys thinking of the Evercool Neon Crab Memory Cooler what you guys think? i have a 80mm fan blowing onto my ram at the moment attached to a few cabling diy's thinking of this product? anybody use it ? sufficient cooling?
  5. downloaded the new version (everest ultra edition) and benchmarked the results were similiar Read: 6806 MB/s Write Speed: 6872 MB/s Memory copy: 5979 MB/s Latency 40.9 ns
  6. in BIOS, the PCHEALTH, i am able to turn my chipset fan fully on or fully off with both values the same. is it fine its i run the chipset fan to spin constantly even though it has not reacted the temp thresheld. my chipset fan temp is around 29-51 average. i want to keep it more cool. whats my alternatives
  7. yeah just mucking around with the sensors and i dont know which sensors are for PWIMC, CHIPSET FAN i am having troubles. please direct me to the sensors . thx
  8. no actually i wasnt i was using the one without -DIODE phew just change it and everything is working fine now just cant get the GPU settings to work, dont know which sensor its using
  9. hi guys i have fairly ok temps with system guardian today i installed MBM and finally got it up and running with the temp readings and all one thing i noticed is when MBM is opened, the temp of my CPU jumps from mids 30's to scorching 70degrees, the intake fan decreases from 2000 to around 1000 and the exhaust fan remains stable at 6000rpm what in the world is going on here is there a glitch . is something the matter?? the alarm on MBM goes on as well stating temp over 70c also when MBM motherboard monitor is closed the temp is still At the high 70's [email protected] what should i do ? after a proper reset
  10. chipset getting pretty hot ? i wouldn't want that have many users came across problems with NF4 chipsets before.
  11. i haven't ran smart guardian for a few months now i started running it again monitoring my overclocked system ive noticed that the default CHIPSET FAN was in its medium settings i therefore cranked it up to high, after applying the settings i could hear the chipset fan roar away should it be left in medium or it doesnt really matter if it is left on high ? my temps are the chipset at the moment after on "high" is 43C and on medium it comes to about 50c
  12. did a benchmark on my overclocked CPU+memory CPU Clock: 2430.21 MHz CPU FSB: 270.03 MHz (original: 200 MHz, overclock: 35%) Memory Bus: 220.93 MHz heres the results 2433 MHz DFI LANParty NF4 Series -Dual PC3500 DDR @ 2-2-2-6 Memory Read: 6294 MB/s Memory Write: 2489 MB/s Memory latency: 41.5ns hows the results? also in smart guardian im running the temps @ : CPU : 30c PWMIC : 34c Chipset: 43c fairly ok overclock?
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