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Cannot load Windows

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Hi all

My system:

Processor Athlon 64 939 venice 3200

DFI LANParty UT nf4 ultra-d

Bios Latest 6/23/05

OCZ 2x512 MB Dual DDR 400

Power Antec Neo 430

Two Seagate 160 GB SATA RAID 0

Pioneer DVD Burner

Lite On CD Burner

Lian Li Mid Tower

Sapphire X700 Pro 256 MB PCI Express x16

When I received the DFI mobo, I added all components listed above. Initially I loaded WIndows XP Professional. Then SP2, followed by nForce4 AMD Edition (6.66) - Windows XP/2000 (32-Bit) drivers downloaded from NVIdia's site. Everything fine.

Then I added DirectX 9.0c and added the Catalyst 5.7 Windows XP video drivers. I had a third IDE 80 GB HDD which had my backup files. The two Burners were master and slave on one IDE slot and the IDE HDD is on the other. All worked well until I added the IDE HDD. Then the system would boot and load the Windows logo, but then simply a black screen. When I disconnected the IDE HDD the system would still only load the Windows logo, then a black screen. I could not reinstall windows without discharging the CMOS and starting over. I repeated the process of loading Windows and the drivers as above, but this time instead of adding the IDE HDD, I put an Audigy 2 ZS sound card in. This caused the same problem. I discharged the CMOS and have started fresh again. This time I am doing a long format on the RAID. If I can load Windows XP pro again, are there any settings in the BIOS I should address to avoid this problem? Any ideas on what is going on?

This is driving me insane.


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RIght now the only things plugged are the two SATA drives , memory , video, power supply , DVD, & CD. I cannot get past when the WIndows logo comes on....then black screen. I am running the SEeagate test for the SATA drives. Then the Memtest. What I do not get is why the system originally was perfect until I connected the IDE HDD and Sound card.

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