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Can't Change voltage on ram

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Hmm I seem to be having a problem changing the voltage on my ram. It defaults at 2.6v and I believe its a 2.75v dimm.. anyway I cant change it either up or down to any voltage... is there something really noobish im doing wrong??




DFI Lanparty NF4 UT SLI-DR

Venice 3200 @ 250x10

Corsair XMS 4000 2x512 v3.1 @ 3,4,4,8 - 2.6v

Hiper R 580 PSU

XFX Geforce 7800 GTX 256mb


This is my first DFI build and im liking it so far expect... (the above)


Any help would be grand.



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First create a signature. See my signature for link.

What bios are you flashed to?

Have you tried clearing cmos first?

Try going into Genie BIOS, change your dram voltage, and hit F10 to save and reboot. (do not go back to the main bios screen or make any other changes)

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