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NF3 250gb- Audigy Mystery

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Finally got around to slappin this machine together now that I have a willing 9800pro :) In order:

Ran memtest/tweaked ram until my mushkins played nice

...installed a fresh XPw/SP2 (one disk)

...updated windows until it could not be updated (.net as well)

...installed chipset drivers,network drivers (and NVID audio drivers).

...Onboard sound works!

...disabled onboard sound in windows/bios (orig rev. bios)

...Installed latest catalyst.

...installed audigy drivers from original cd

...I have encountered a few interesting things:

1. device manager sees audigy drivers and card but no sound

2. went to creative and tried to detect...no dice

3. downloaded latest web updates and drivers from the site and ran install...no dice. install hangs and error message pops up telling me there is no audigy device detected.

4 edited my machine.inf....did all this:

Edit C:tempmachine.inf so that you delete the line that says ExcludeFromSelect:*

Go to Control Panel and add hardware.

Click Yes it is already connected.

Add new system device

Choose driver to install from list

Click on Have disk.

Browse to C:tempmachine.inf

Select System Devices/Plug and Play Enumerator.


5. CCleaned...uninstalled repeated on pci slots 3,5,6

6. Device manager question marks show up for 1392 on audigy card, Microsoft Kernal splitter,echo canceller,mixer


What next? :confused:

I am going hunting for directX (my last hunch)


and oh yeah..... strangely my SATA c: drive shows up in the tray as removeable hardware?



UPDATE: Put the hardware back into other test machine....it was dead. very low output, lots of distortion. It seems I was witnessing the dying throws of an older audigy. Got new hardware audigy2 zs platinum...works flawlessly after 5 reboots all is well.

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the SATA controllers show up as removeable devices on the NF3/NF4, that is pretty normal.


as for the Audigy...I'm honestly not sure. I've got the NF3 + 3400 Newcastle + an Audigy card (and 3x 80GB SATA or a 160GB IDE, I dont have a 160GB SATA) and some BH-5 memory (assuming yours is BH-5) and a 9700Pro, 9500NP modded to 9700, and an X800 Pro video and an OCZ 600w Powerstream and an OCZ 420w POwerstream and Fortron 530w psu all that I can try together...let me know which parts you want me to test with (match as many as you can that we both have).


My audigy1 is not the platinum version, but it is the retail version.


I also have an Audigy2 ZS that is in my main rig but it was in the NF3 for 7 months

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Man this is really freeky..:


Name Creative Audigy Audio Processor (WDM)

Manufacturer Creative Technology, Ltd.

Status OK

PNP Device ID PCIVEN_1102&DEV_0004&SUBSYS_00401102&REV_034&3191A3E6&0&4870

I/O Port 0x0000CCE0-0x0000CCFF

IRQ Channel IRQ 17

Driver c:windowssystem32driverse10kx2k.sys (, 1.66 MB (1,745,168 bytes), 7/13/2001 8:29 AM)


And it still does not update or work. (works in other xp1800 machine w/soltek)

Shows no playback device in sound controlers???


I dont know AG....I am at a loss...hate to re-install XP...machine runs fine otherwise. I just had to have my 24bit/96k sound :-)

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Yes AG,


Mine says AC97 audio.....it's disabled...wiped Nvidia mixer out as well..ran CCleaner.

Strange Q marks in Dev manager : Microsoft Kernel acoustic echo canceller, gs wave table synth, and dls synth. I disabled the audigy 1392 adapter.


Kernel? isn't that important OS code? ;-(

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wait...you fresh installed XP with the AC97 audio enabled, then installed the drivers for it, and then installed drivers for Audigy, then uninstalled the AC97 drivers and disabled it in the bios???


have you fresh installed XP without the integrated audio enabled and the Audigy installed?

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installed Xp w/ onboard audio -yes! (you think this is it?)

installed drivers from dfi cd -yes

tested onboard audio- yes

saw that audigy platinum sittin in that 1800- hmmm

cleaned audio drivers

disabled AC97 audio in bios

performed transplant....detected and installed audigy stuff

see first post for the rest :-)


I will try your suggestion...Thanks AG....til t'morrow

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fresh install/format with disabled onboard audio did not work. I did not install nvidia audio drivers from dfi disk at all. card reads normal in device manager..(only qmark is the 1392 adapter..did not install creative fireport)..same . different day. I have checked all speaker connections (i do audio for a living)....It is an older audigy but functional on other system....Just cannot get this thing to work with my ut250gb.

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