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  1. no performance hit that i could percieve. running a 8x card in 4x in the bios would bring the card down to 4x mode so the point is moot.
  2. now that i have a 6800 instead of a radeon I can run agp at 8x again :nod:
  3. it is probably your power supply. it is way weak for the job.
  4. I don't know if anyone has mentioned it yet and i have been away enjoying the summer but Acronis true image 8.0 build 889 now works with my NF3 Nvidia raid o and can restore a backup to it. it now sees the array as one drive and not 2 as before. the rescue cd has already saved my butt once recently. i recomend it to anyone who is using Nvidia raid 0 anyway as i have not tested on the Marvell or any other raid configuration yet. hope every one is enjoying the summer and not being cooped up with their computers too much! peace out cyberfossil :angel:
  5. well my 6800nu is on order. looking around different forums while i am waiting for it makes it seem like it has problems with NF3 boards? has anyone have any experience on this? i was also dissapointed that hardware accelerated video on the 6800nu AGP boards does not work and never will? i hope I didn't make a mistake! time will tell.
  6. I am about to do the same upgrade and heard you have to overclock the card first then do the unlock.
  7. well after looking around his seems to be the best perfomance/value I can come up with eVGA 128-A8-N343-AX Geforce 6800 128MB 256-bit DDR AGP 4X/8X Video Card - Retail . http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814130202 the reviews say it can be modded to a 6800GT and overclocked to a 6800 ultra with most people saying little chance of arifacting when doing so. $189.00 at the egg! :nod: anyone have any views on this purchase?
  8. seems from my looking around that the NVIDIA 6600 GT would be the best for me? my power supply is ok my video card was acting up in my old system. it was really a softmodded 9500 overclocked to a 9700 pro and finally bit the dust. Angry Games uses the same power supply in his old NF3 rig to with no problem. Question: does anyone know if the 6600 GT are all 128-bit and you have to go to a 6800 for 256-bit?
  9. are there any X700 or X800 close to that range anywhere or would going to Nvidia be better? P.S. must be AGP cards only. A card that can be modded to a higher card would be good also !
  10. I probably would like to go ati. I do alot of gaming also so that is important. should i use my old system for awhile as new video cars are comming out and maybe that will force older cards to lower their price?
  11. I stuck the card in another system and same thing . so my video card is dead. what do you reccomend for a repacement card for a NF3 rig? has to be around $200 as I am broke and borrowng the $$
  12. my NF3 quit booting yesterday. I have been having problems with my video card with artifacting and sometimes jiggling the board will make it work. now there is nothing. there is no beeping though on boot as well as no video. I get no bios screen and resetting the bios don't work. I measured the voltages and the power supply is ok. I went to one memory stick and still nothing. I have no other video card to try and I don't think it would cause it to not beep on startup. I would think the processor is ok. I hope!. I will try to reset the bios for a longer period and try again. I am on my old rig now and my old rage 128 will not fit in the agp slot of the NF3 :confused:
  13. remove any ide drives (cables)when loading windows to a sata drive as windows likes to put the boot files to the ide drive for some god awfull reason.
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