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[Resolved] Antec SuperLanboy Front Port Audio problem

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anyone ever figure out the correct microphone hookup? im about to open the case and try some different configs on the mic


im thinking the mic power doenst need hooked up or the second mic input (for stereo mics).. one of those two is causing the added static.

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I did a search on this, and couldnt find a post with my exact problem.. I cant find a layout exactly like mine.. can someone help me figure out what goes where?


I had the front port audio working fine in the Superlanboy/Asus A8N.. but cant seem to be quite as crafty figuring out this badboy.. its a much better board btw. ;)



Super Lanboy




aud gnd








line out left front

line out right front



line out left

line out right

mic right

mic left





Right now I have things like this:

line out left front - ret l

line out right front - ret r

VCC - mic bias

gnd - aud gnd

line out left - line out left

line out right - line out right

mic right -mic

mic left - none


thanks in advance.. I will prob figure this out as I'll stay up all night if i have too.


but i'll let you know if i figured it out. :)




I signed up just to say thanks for the sound connection hookup. It worked like a charm for my Xion 2 case. I had been puzzled about the directions given in the DFI manual compared to those given in the new case I had bought. This really helped me out.

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heres what i have that worked



SLI-D on the left, Super Lanboy on the right


Line out left front - RET R

Line out right front - RET L


gnd - AUD GND


line out left - FPOUT R


line out right - FPOUT L

mic right - MIC

mic left - MIC BIAS


Thanks to whoever gave this advice. This is exactly what I needed to hookup my Xion 2 case to the DFI board. The manual was a bit unclear when compared to the actual one page of instructions for the case. They were not labeled the same and this was very helpful. Thanks again. :)

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Those label conversions are just the thing ive been searching for :D


Forum search didn't return this thread last night so I gave up, but I just tried google and bam, here I am :D


I'll try the pins now, atm I'm sure I have them set up the same way you said but i have no audio right side, through rear or front.


Up until now I've used a MS GameVoice module for the last 2 or 3 years for switching between headset and speakers, but I want to rid myself of the extra cabling (and effort :P)


Edit: Yay got it working, right out was plugged into vcc lol, damn my dark room

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