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  1. I think CoreTemp is a great small applet, really. Sure MBM exists, as well as others, but it requires you to know your mobo and to download data files. I just DLed and found it useful for my laptop.
  2. I feel my current build (in my sig) still feels quick. It is used mostly playing BF2142 and lots of video transcoding from divx/xvid and wmv to wmv - wmv to wmv transcoding because of resizing video for my mobile media center. I am wondering how much faster is moving from my current setup to an Opty 165? The minimum OCs I am seeing the 165s are getting are around 2.7-2.8GHz. If I were to buy one from NewEgg now, will I get one that can do 3GHz+? Will the performance be noticable from a 2.5GHz dual core (512kb cache) to a 2.8GHz (at minimum) with 1MB cache? And by how much? I haven't seen any direct comparisons of a 2.5GHz x2 compared to a 2.8-3.0GHz DC Opty. And lastly, how does a 3.0GHz DC Opty compare to Intel's latest C2Ds? Specifically those also at around 3.0GHz (in other words, clock for clock). I know they can go as high as 3.6GHz (most report 3.2-3.4GHz OCs), but I'm interested in 3.0GHz clock-for-clock comparo between AMD and Intel. Thanks in advance. And yes, I know I've been away for a long time... need to get back up to speed with the "new stuff".
  3. My 9 month old Evercool EC-VE-RC is now making noises. Sounds like it's about to fail. It is clean, and I made sure of it, but it still makes noise like it's loose or unbalanced. Not sure if I should replace it with another Evercool EC-VE-RC or go with the Vantec Iceberg CEBERQ CCB-A1C. The only thing about that is that it is only a 2-wire fan, so no RPM sensor. I can replace it with the stock DFI I still have, but I heard that will fail after a couple months. This isn't just a simple replacement - I will have to remove the motherboard from my case, which invovles removing almost EVERYTHING just to replace this garsh darn HSF. I replaced the DFI HSF when I first bought the mobo because of good info here. Unfortunately, my Evercool failed me. Anyone have such a failure? If not, how long have you had it? If it's just me, then I will buy the Evercool again - maybe I just got a bad one.
  4. Wow, haven't been here in a while... DFI-Street is gone huh? Well, anyways, I have an XFI Fataility and I am having the same problem. Playing BF2142 for a while and it will make random noises, screech, etc. Framerates drop. Sometimes it gets a bit better or clears up completely. Other times it crashes with a BSOD that blames the ha20x2k.sys file.
  5. WoW seems to play fine now, but the system will lock up doing dual-prime95 overnight.
  6. Thanks. I am now considering tweaking the memory timings manually.
  7. Anyone have the same GSKILL HZ sticks? What settings are you using for it? A list of your BIOS settings would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. I tried with stock timings and settings first before messing with anything. Also if what you say is true, then I should still be able to use the yellow slot (the one furthest away from the CPU) on its own, but that caused stability issues without changing anything else onthe BIOS. It is okay on the orange slot (again, the one furthest aay from the CPU). And you are wrong about the "overclocked" 7900s because stock-clocked 7900GTXs were also affected. Ask me how I know. MODS: Can you please move this back to a non-cooling issue troubleshooting thread-area? And change the title to "Memory slot sensitive?" Thanks! EDIT: I'll elaborate on the 7900 fiasco, as I was smack in the middle of it. It was frustrating to read on the "mainstream tech sites" the nVidia media spin that it was just OCed 7900 series, as tech support forums for the stock-clocked 7900s were also being poured in with issues. Exact same issues, in fact - artifacting. None of us really locked up. Just artifacts and a very slow lock-up when getting back to the desktop (desktop will filcker in and out, eventually your inputs will be ignored, but if you are fast enough, you might be able to shutdown your PC properly using your power button if it is set up in your BIOS/WinXP to shut down with it). I personally went through 4 EVGA 7900GTX EGS (stock ref cards). All of the product numbers ended in AX. The new product number ended in AR, and are now called the "reloaded" cards. They are redesignd with Infineon memory chips instead of Samsung. We found out that manufacturers were pushing the Samsungs a little too hard with voltages (they weren't rated at 2.0v I believe was what they were using). The Infineon were rated that high, and were used instead. Now, EVGA did all the troubleshooting themselves (love that company). Not sure if nVidia or any other companies have recognized this fix. Sure enough, months later, I am still very hapilly playing my games without any artifacts. My troubleshooting proved that it was memory-slot related, and not the card. Yes - Deepfreeze worked over 24 hrs. No artifacts, no lockups, no perf issues.
  9. Ah, last piece of the puzzle... Single slot memory (either stick) works great! gamed for hours and hours without an issue. It is NOT the memory. Troubleshooted down to either the motherboard (memory slot) or the CPU (memory controller?). Which is more likely?
  10. Okay, I think it may be the memory slots. Both memory boots up the PC and tests just fine each on their own. The slots near the CPU (a yellow and orange) doesn't work on their own (if you only have a single memory stick). Only the Yellow and Orange furthest away fromt he CPU runs single channel memory (1 stick only). Is that suppose to be? Memory in the Yellow slot (furthest away from the CPU) boots the PC up, but keeps restarting. Memory in the Orange slot (furthest away from the CPU) boots up just fine into windows (have yet to start WoW). This is begining to sound like a memory slot issue (and in turn, an issue with the board). Can any one chime in with more info on this?
  11. First of all, I can't Step-Up my card because it was already stepped up from a 7800GT. Besides, not everyone have an EVGA card. The 7900 series is pretty good, actually - especially since they started using Infinion memory chips (Samsung memory was the culprit in the original fiasco). Anyways, the updated/cleaned drivers didn't help. Reinstalled WIndowsXP and used the latest and greatest drivers - still no go. Instead of hard locking though, WinXP restarts uruptly. It's really getting under my skin! Currently running memtest86 AGAIN to make sure memory hasn't gone bad. Though it locked up even before I upgraded to an XFI, I will see if moving my XFI to a different slot would help (logically it shouldn't, but you'll never know). If that doesn't work, I will try moving my memory from the recommended orange slots to the yellow ones. Next step after that would be using just one memory stick in single memory chan and see which one is "bad" if any. Lastly, I would consider the mobo. Then my last resort would be the CPU. PS: AMD Athlon x2 drivers was installed - so that wasn't the culprit.
  12. Well, no update yet. I just finished uninstalling all nVidia-realted drivers and re-installing them. i found that the nVidia updated their video drivers (91.31 was my old one, now they are up to 91.47). I uninstalled all of nvid's chipset drivers, and resintalled it all except for the sound driver (since I have an XFI). Also updated X-Fi drivers. They seem to require the old driver installed before it can be updated. I fired up WoW again, so we'll see.
  13. I thought it was 91.xx and on that had support for the 7900 series. Does the 84.xx support 7900s?
  14. This has always been my GFX card. The "new" thing that changed was WoW being installed and played (I'm new to WoW, but old enough to now have a lvl 32 char). I never had any stability probs. in fact, as I said, it only hard locks on WoW that I know of. It only hard locked on me once while playing either FEAR or Q4 (dont reember which one), but as I don't spend the amount of time playing FPSs (cuz they do get boring after a short while) compared to WoW, that may be the reason why they don't lock as often or ever. WoW, on the other hand, is where I am experiencing the most issue. Being an MMO, it is very frustrating to have it lock on you. So that should answer the questions that OldGuy had. I just tried a fan today blowing on the mobo, and still had locks. So you guys are right about it not being the chipset's temp. I will try a reinstal of WnXP and see if that helps. I'll report back.
  15. WoW works well on my laptop, though a bit slow. I'll reinstall Windows again. :/ Any suggestions regarding which versions of drivers to use, or just use the latest? I am espcially concerned with the SATA drivers, since the F6 floppy drivers must be old by now.
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