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Which PCB version have I got ?

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First post so please allow for my virign status in the overclocking game and any obvious / stupid questions I may ask.


1) I have just upgraded my PC as per my signature. How important is it that I flash with the latest BIOS ?


2) How do I determine my "PCB Revision" as per the DFI website.


3) Any tips for a beginner, and I mean BEGINNER !!


I bought the DFI mobo after reading up a lot on the internet and read lots of good stuff about is OC potential. I'm sure I'll have some fun !!




FYI I have a Pentium 4 3.4GHz socket 775 :D

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1.) It is not too terrible important to flash. Newer bioses often help with stability issues with components, and/or offer support for newer hardware. If your board is performing well then you really shouldnt have to flash bios. However, most enthusiasts, including myself like to run with the latest bios, as some of these updates will help with overclocking.

2.)The PCB revision should be printed on the mobo itself. So far there is only one revision of the 875P-T, so you should have to worry about it.

3.) Tips....hmmm, well there are so many to list I don't know where to begin. Just make sure to lock the pci/agp bus when overclocking. Also, keep the cpu under 1.525 volts or 60 degrees C, whichever comes first.

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