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  1. well thank god this version installed proplery and it searches my library correctly !! i was really pulling my hair out with this problem... thanks very much for your help ! much respect cheers
  2. Hi, I installed the final version of WMP11 and have found that my full library of songs imports OK but when I search by band it doesn't work properly. Then I couldn't uninstall the damn thing so reinstalled Windows (not a problem as I was putting together my new Rig in sig). I didn't have those problems with the BETA version so am trying to find it for download but can't. I can however find BETA 2 but I don't want that one either. Any help would be appreciated ! Cheers
  3. is that because (and forgive me if this is a stupid question) DFI don't get pre-release chips as you have historically been mainly an ADM focused manufacturer ?? therefore DFI have to actually buy their chips once they are released to the public ? and if thats the case aren't Intel doing themselves a dis-service ? surely they want / need the best products (ie DFI) supporting their chips ? finances dictate that I'm probably not gonna update to Conroe until early next year but in a way I'm happy to wait for the new LanParty mobo..... and no, I'm not gonna ask when it's out !!
  4. i didn't want to hear that ! i wanted to walk into work and expose her as a liar !! oh well........ thanks for the info ! but no foreign president is allowed yeah ?? so Arnie has no chance unless you change the law ??
  5. howdy a woman i work with takes great delight telling people that her fiance' used to be a Marine...... thing is he's Mexican..... question is : are foreigners allowed to become Marines in the USA ?? cheers
  6. I'm not too keen on the look of the Stacker 830.............
  7. changed my mind again, think this one might be it : Akasa Eclipse 62 http://www.akasa.co.uk/akasa_englis...ak_bkcse_01.htm thoughts ?
  8. Been doing a lot of investigation and I'm leaning towards the Antec P180 : http://www.silentpcreview.com/article254-page1.html Just wondering if there will be any issues with cable length's from the PSU to the various components, as the PSU is at the bottom ? PSU I intend to get is the Enermax Modular, 620 or 500 Watt.
  9. Title says it all : Need a new case less than 55cm (21.6 inches) in height, any suggestions ? Gonna build a new PC once Conroe is out and my current desk will only take a case with height up to 55cm. Any idea's ? Quietness is a key factor. Cheers
  10. thanks, i made it with that free GIMP program in about ten minutes.... never done stuff like that before.......
  11. hey scuk......... i have the same board but luckily have had no problems with it whatsoever.......... out of curiosity where did you get yours from ? I got mine from overclockers.co.uk in Jan of 2005, but I can't see them on sale anymore.... mine was £100 back then............ off topic but : please look at my other thread http://tinyurl.com/ocwqo i would be very interested in your views as you have Raptors in RAID ! ps : AceGoober has helped me many times, good luck !
  12. ahhhh, back to the drawing board i think !! I followed the height and width rule but am way off in the file size..... 381K at present..... I've some work to do..... cheers
  13. I'm being thick and can't import the sig I've made..... it's a BMP 650 x 200...... tips please ? thanks
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