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Command per clock

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:) personally test and run the 'best' for your tuned up system.


Normally it is CPC OFF for doublesided 512 sticks in pairs. However even some doublesided single sticks have clocked higher with CPC OFF. It is a personal board and setup situation and no one knows exactly how your system will respond but yourself.


Sincerely, RGone...


PS: that is why in some circles the DFI sisters have the moniker of TweakMonsters. Tweak and tune your personal best.

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Yes, with the 6/19 bios (and varients) you have a bazillion settings to help zero-in on the best for your CPU/RAM.


Testing with benchies will show the results. Its all reletive to YOU, changes in settings on your board vs results. Tweak till you find the best compromise between FSB Mhz and CPU Ghz and the materials you have at hand.

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