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  1. Hi mate, are the Semprons with 64 bit usually BX and E6?
  2. Thanks guys, anyone had experience of the Turion? AMD Turion 64 ML-30 CPU 1.6Ghz 754-pin?
  3. Hi, I have been out of the loop for some time and wondered if these were worth buying as a budget overclocker? The one I am thinking of is the 3200 ADA3200AI04BX, anyone know how they clock?
  4. I want another skt. 754 chip, I seem to remember there were 3200 Venices out a while ago (?) I have seen this one in the UK reasonably priced ADA3200AI04BX is it any good? If there are any good Semprons I would consider that too. Has to be quite cheap, under £100. Thanks.
  5. The first boot device was set on removable so I changed it to hard drive and it fixed it
  6. Not sure if this is the mobo or Windows but it is very weird I have Windows on two seperate hdd's and no matter which I give boot priority to the same one always boots. If I unplug the one that always boots I can get the other one to boot. But with both plugged in changing the boot priority is not allowing me access it. This problem happened when I installed a new version of XP on the drive that now wont boot (unless other is unplugged), I unplugged the other drive (the one that now always 'gets' priority) so I wouldn't get confused and put it on the wrong drive. Now when it is plugged back in it always boots first. I hope this makes some sort of sense
  7. Those figures are the same as I get, also my vcore goes up when the cpu is under load.
  8. aarrghh now u mention it! lol! How about u need to buy a 3000 venice for all us noobs! joke btw Sob...
  9. wow this has turned into 'I love my board',I do too but we need a sticky for beginners, like the newer boards get is all. I still have my Jess1313 bh5 bios settings printed out but why should a noob have to look for it? It should be on DFI street-shouldn't it?
  10. Hangs head:( back to 2.68 I reckon it's the max, in my defence my last chip wouldn'y boot ito Windows if it was past it's max, this chip boots and surfs etcs at well past it's max-hence my excitement.Oh well.lol
  11. Yes I know lol- was just happy to be able to put thru some volts and not go over 50c I reckon I can give a screenie of 2.75 occt stable tonite, as for prime? I dunno yet:)
  12. I know this is no big shakes these days but...I didn't know skt 754 3700 would do this even if it prolly is a tad suicide shotish
  13. Damn still too big will try to resize. I have resized this down 3 times but it still looks the same :confused: So here is a thumbnail that takes u to a crappy version Click on the image and the flaws go away.
  14. Just started giving this some volts since I cured (I hope) my temp probs-first attempt prolly not stable but...
  15. YEp temps stopped fluctuating now and come down a lot too, tho the room is cooler but that doesn't account for it all I think. Thanks for helping me with this ThunDa:)
  16. 'Chip Set Voltage Control - 1.9v AGP Voltage Control - 1.8v' Seems on the high side-I use 1.7 and 1.6 myself, can't help with the ram as I use 240x11 1:1 cos it's bh5.
  17. I wouldn't be swayed by the extra cache if I were you and if these Venice's are doing 2.7ish then I would have got one had I known of their existence...I am going to cry now:(
  18. Sob it's ADA3000BXBOX found one in Uk for £85 and I just paid £160 for a 3700 nooooooooooooooooooo!
  19. WOW! never seen one in the uk didn't know they existed! Are they the same as ADA3000AEP4AX? These are in Uk but they don't specify Venice.
  20. I have a pci network card as the nvidia Lan just doesn't work for me. All was fine untill I changed some settings to ftp my Xbox (just ip address and t-base 10/100 were changed) after putting normal ip address back the network card is always shown as unplugged on boot up now. I can fix this by diasbling and re-enabling the connection but it is bugging me a bit. It is not allowed to turn of to save resources and I changed no other settings except this t-base thing (don't think that would matter). Any ideas?
  21. Well I did it, used a Dremel type tool to shorten the standoffs. My temps now go between 33c idle and 45c load which is much better. The screws still bottom out and I am now concerned that I shortened both standoffs by exactly the same amount....worries, worries.... One other thing is when at load the temp will go from 43 to 45 and back again sometimes which seems like more fluctuation than before.
  22. OK I am sorry I missed that. (could u patronise me more? I like it:P)
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