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Dead, yet not dead?

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Using bios 6-19, Infinity A+, Mobile 2500.


Was bored so decided to push my cpu to its limits...after a few tries it just simply refused to "boot" again.


Well heres what it does exactly when I hit the power switch:


Cpu hsf fan spins...and keeps spinning. Standby led lit and memory led lit, no other leds lit. No beeps from speaker either when ram or videocard is removed.


None of keyboard leds light up like its supposed to. Refuses to power off using switch...I have to use switch on psu itself.




Ive tried all of these:


1. the usual tricks - cmos clearing + battery removing

2. hotflashed bios

3. using single stick of pc2100

4. cpu jumper on 100 / 133

5. 100 fsb duron.

6. New PSU.





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