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  1. Theme XP is your friend. I don't remember exactly where I found that, but the taskbar was part or a LoTR theme I downloaded at one point in time.
  2. i have some 3200 gold VX right now (ocz swapped out my platinum with the gold vx under warranty) and I have it running 240fsb w/ 3.3 v right now. . . actually have it burning in @ 245 all day whille I am at work, but it is getting some memtest errors. I will see what it looks like when i get home. 3.3 is the max of my board . . . anyone know of any vmods for the nf2 b?
  3. I have a Lanparty NF2 B and I was wondering what some good results were for running 2x512 double sided w/ CPC on @ timings? Is it possible to get to 250+ with 2.2.2.x timings?
  4. go to start -> run type in MMC go to file -> add-remove snapin add the group policy snapin it will show up as local computer policy click the plus next to local computer policy then go to computer administration -> administrative templates -> system -> logon change the always wait for network at startup and logon to enabled close and save and then see if that makes a difference.
  5. go through your startup items and services under msconfig and get rid of ALL the startup items, and ALL the NON MICROSOFT services, see if that makes a difference, if it does, then start re-enabling them one by one til you figure out which one causes the prob.
  6. Enz0, is that a CF card you are using for your main drive? and external firewire/usb2 drive for storage?
  7. you could also try loading up to the recovery console and fun chkdsk /f
  8. This is what the media isn't telling us. . . Iraq
  9. I had a 1700+ Tbred B running @ 230x11 until I got my Barty. . .
  10. most excellent *runs to Home Depot*
  11. I found mine when I was 20, so I married her right away. She is still awesome almost 7 years later. She don't game much, but she loves to help me case mod and stuff. She rocks. You got you a good woman A_G, hang on to her.
  12. have you upped your vcore yet? if not, bump that up a notch or 2 and go from there.
  13. I will agree with everything katch said, (although I just got mine today and haven't had time to game with it yet) i definitely noticed the tracking while picking up, even in office applications etc, but it is awesome! I upgraded from a logitech cordless mouse (the first one they came out with, still tracked w/ a ball) and instantly I can tell a huge difference, even from my MS optical that I use @ work. . .can't wait to go gaming tonight with it.
  14. mine just came in today. . . plugged it in @ work because I was too impatient to wait til I got home:D tracks awesome, even on my shirt, pantleg, arm, etc. can't wait to give it a good thorough test when I get to the house tonight:nod:
  15. all I can say. . . . best mouse ever!
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