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Farcry 2

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I had the same problem with the bar i couldnt get into it even though the map said it was where i needed to go. Not sure what was gong on so i just back tracked and continued on without doing that mission...



Were you in the middle of a mission or trying to do another? I was in the middle of a mission. Go to the Ranger Statino and destroy the breifcase, and then I was supposed to come back and report to the Xoing guy, but it wouldn't let me in. You can't do back to back Buddy Missions from what the guide says. You need a different mission in between. I would suggest you go back and redo that mission from the beginning if you have it saved from before. I went back and couldn't get in the bar even though the sign said I could. It may screw up the rest of your game if you don't I only lost about an hour doing so, versus days by not redoing it

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