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  1. Hmm, there's no poll option that fits me. I've had 1.6 on my iPhone since late may and just a little while ago I bumped that up to Froyo(2.2). Sure it's not really fast(especially Froyo) but it works somewhat and is fun to mess around with. iDroid project is really moving along at a pretty fast pace, I'd recommend any adventurous iPhone owner to try it out. With that out of the way, I'm planning on getting an Evo 4G here soon. Absolutely love that phone. The size, the way it feels in my hand...it's perfect for me. Anybody interested in buying an iPhone 3g(3.1.2)?
  2. Responding to the section in bold: Do note that "God" was in quotes in my post pertaining to the section you reference. This doesn't mean I'm acknowledging there is a "God", simply that we will eventually be able to perform actions such as the ones the bible lists "God" as doing. Please, do read a bit more closely, the punctuation is important. I'm also not going on blind faith that we will eventually have these abilities. It's called progress and to a lesser extent, evolution. It's happening all the time. Responding to the second portion: The overwhelming majority of evidence states that carbon dating is an extremely accurate process for measuring extremely old objects. You wouldn't run febreze through a mass spectrometer to figure out how old it is based on its chemical breakdown so why would you apply a very specific test like carbon dating to a fresh chicken bone? It's meant for very, very, very, very old things but it's not perfect. When you're dating 40,000 year old objects, a 200-600 year margin of error makes zero difference. You can't dismiss it as invalid simply because you "saw" an improper application of C14 dating. Heck, I could use your logic and completely dismiss the bible because of the many inconsistencies in it. Responding to your final quip: I sat in on a demonstration lecture where a professor at IUPUI(The college I'm attending) performed an example carbon dating test on a bone fragment recovered from a peat bog. It was pegged at around 2,700(-+220 years I think he said) years old. I've seen the process performed first-hand by a man who has dedicated his entire life to working with the ancient remains of the dead. He was confident in its accuracy. I'm confident in his professional opinion based upon dozens of years of experience. BIG NOTE: I'm not trying to turn you away from your faith. I let others believe as they want to but when false assumptions and bad logic are applied to such a delicate issue, I feel it necessary to point them out and present information to the contrary. That all having been said, I'm going to sleep. Can't believe I'm debating religion at 4am...
  3. Your argument operates on the assumption that we have a grand(some might say God-like) knowledge of the workings of the universe and thus have the insight to clearly state that we are incapable of creating/destroying matter. The fact of the matter() is that we don't know if we can actually create or destroy matter. As it stands we simply have not yet made the connections that would allow us to to do that. As time goes on and our understanding grows and changes, we will gain new skills and abilities that will rival and eventually surpass that of "God" himself. To say that science is the biggest supporter of the idea of God is absolutely foolish. Look at the contradictions between science and the Bible. Too lazy? I'll start you off. The age of the Earth. Young Earth Creationists estimate the age of the Earth to be between 5,700 and 10,000 years old. They believe that man and dinosaurs walked the Earth at the same time and that we, by the grace of God, survived when they died. What does science have to say? Carbon dating and geology are the most down-to-earth counters but hell, look into space and you'll find tons more. Science does not operate on blind faith in a higher power. It analyzes, synthesizes and disseminates the knowledge that we have acquired throughout the ages. To add to the topic: No, I don't believe in God.
  4. It's not "nearly impossible" since the musculature around the sternum is relatively thin compared to the rest of the body aiding in penetration thought admittedly it would require impressive physical strength. Additionally it's not the sternum you're pulling out of place, it's one of the ribs and that's well within the realm of possibility. Also, airplanes go whoosh.* *You missed the joke. @IVI: Lawyers say the darndest things.
  5. See the trick is to get your thumb between the second and third ribs and using the edge of the sternum as a fulcrum in order to leverage them out of place. Once that's done, ripping the heart out is a walk in the park. Not that far-fetched to believe he ripped the guys heart out due to a bad trip. The guys fit enough and a bad shroom trip is a terrifying experience. Plus people have done way more insane things while on PCP and other drugs.
  6. This is an equally potent mood booster.
  7. Fine then, provide me with a sandwich that uses waffles instead of bread and don't you dare give me any of that "but I don't want to have a heart attack" talk! But if you want a more sensible request, lets see some waffles! Gotta love that nasty compression on this image...
  8. So it's basically Tivo swivel search except you have to clear your search history otherwise it might end your marriage? On a more serious note, this is kinda interesting. It would be incredibly awesome if they teamed up with the cable/satellite providers and allowed the Google TV box to search through their TV Guides as well. That level of integration would make it a must buy in my book, but sadly I don't foresee it playing out like that.
  9. You're too lazy to do 40 minutes of work(20 to disconnect and 20 to reconnect, tops) every 4 months? Bro, seriously? Do what everyone else has told you. Get a cheap laptop(loads of good college laptops out there for <600) and keep your desktop. This way you have two places to keep your work for college AND you aren't lugging $1.5k worth of laptop everywhere you go. By the way, the latter will flag you for every single laptop thief on campus, and trust me there are tons of them.
  10. He's helping the health of an illegal torrent. Sure he may not have stolen the movie but he's helping others steal it by uploading it. He IS part of the crime no matter how you slice it. If he had wanted to have the movie stored on external hard drive or flash drive, he should have ripped from his own DVD(though I remember some group trying to say that even making personal backups like that is illegal, but I don't think they had much success pushing that through the court system). Or better yet, he should have bought it via an online outlet that provides a digital download of the movie.
  11. Sony MDR-V6's. Classic design that has been around since the 80's. Tough as all hell and the sound quality is incredibly hard to beat for $70. My pair has been sat on, thrown around, rained on, completely frozen two winters in a row, baked for a week in a car during our vacation to Florida, and finally, they've survived a fall off of a third-story balcony with only a handful of scratches to show for it. Only thing wrong with them is the ear pads which are completely falling apart. However those are cheap enough to replace. 3 years through hell and back and they still sound just as good as the day I got them. I recommend them with absolute certainty that you'll love them if you like closed-back circumaurals. Oh, they're also big head friendly! Got mine pulled down to 10 on each ear and I can wear them for an entire day with pretty much no discomfort besides the heat buildup that is common with closed-back headphones.
  12. Kinda funny isn't it? Well in that horribly depressing kind of way. I mean good movie I could understand...but Uwe Boll's Far Cry? Jesus Silkster... But really now, how else are they supposed to make money off of that steaming pile o' failure?
  13. Seems to me that you're being sued for pirating a movie(You cheeky monkey) and whoever is suing you is currently trying to get evidence from your ISP. Re-read the letter to see if it mentions who filed against you(contact Verizon if it doesn't, they may have more info) and go find yourself a lawyer. Also, wikianswers on motion to squash: A motion to quash is often used for suppressing service of a summons/complaint or warrant or other legal proceedings (discovery of evidence) due to such things as lack of jurisdiction, wrong identification of a person, unlawful basis, keeping confidential files secret, etc. I'd say that's probably a good thing to get a lawyers help with. God Speed, Silkster.
  14. http://www.hackint0sh.org/f159/68106.htm#post469924 The above worked for a friend whose 3GS Error 9'd a couple months back. If that fails and your phone is still under warranty, take it to an apple store or send it to apple. It should be fine even if it's jailbroken as long as it doesn't show any signs of it when you power it up or connect it to a PC(IE:FLashing Pineapple and other such indicators). Considering how messed up it is at that point, they'll probably just send you a refurb and be done with it.
  15. iKillSteal


    Haha, I got Soul Silver the day it came out and got myself a spiffy little Lugia figure with it, too. B:) The game takes me right back to when I was a little kid, it's just too much fun. Hit me up if you guys want to trade, I've got tons of solid pokemon I can breed and quite a few legitimately acquired legendaries/event pokemon, too. My friend code is 3481 4860 0102.
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