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  1. They sent me back a brand spankme new PSU.... plus it was the newer version of what I had. Fantastic Customer Support and RMA process
  2. Not sure if that's true anymore. I've been a buyer/seller for 21 years on ebay and they never hold my money as a seller. I think it's only for newbies. But yes... I'm seeing auctions for pictures of video cards and everything except the card/unit itself. I reported a few as fraudulent, but realized how many there were so I gave up
  3. Just noticed on ebay the last few days that many 0 to LOW feedback sellers are selling GPU BOXES in the Video Card section and at similar Buy It Now prices as the REAL cards. The cards themselves are going so quickly that people are not reading descriptions and only looking at the price and model number. Be careful everyone
  4. I just stick to what I've had good luck with I guess... If it changes, then I guess I have to change too. The Corsair was 100% warranty covered and they RMA'd it. It went out today. Not sure if they fix or replace though.
  5. I've had ridiculously good luck with Gigabyte... I started with ASUS back in the early 2000's and had to use their tech support one time. The asshat was so belittling to me and then had the nerve to chew me out for updating BIOS without a technicians permission... you know... the ones they put on their own website to download? Then the board had to go in due to many issues including several connector headers not being actually secured to the board. It came back after 3.5 weeks and the headers were still not connected. I decided to not buy an ASUS board again after that
  6. I just thought it was VERY coincidental that it started having issues when I replaced the motherboard, CPU and memory. It was flawless before that. I was actually leaning towards the motherboard for a while. I pulled it and checked for a bent pin somewhere, etc... Thanks for everyone's input
  7. Sorry for the late response... I unplugged the 4-pin and the PC booted just fine every time, three times in a row. Since I do have a new PSU that has the plug, I will use it, but it's good to know that it was indeed my older Corsair power supply. I contacted them and started a ticket. This is the first issue I've ever had with anything Corsair. I would still buy. Hopefully their warranty/repair department comes through
  8. I will neither confirm nor deny that I read the manual...... I actually didn't even notice the extra 4pin connector until I was reassembling the PC. I stopped what I was doing and went up to MicroCenter. Two Salespeople there told me that I didn't need it. Apparently it has been a common question. Now I wonder how many people have found out differently. Mine boots every time now with the new Seasonic 850W
  9. New Seasonic Focus GX850 now installed... 5 successful bootups in a row without having to mess with any cords. I'd say the power supply was the issue OR This Mobo actually did need the 8 pin and the 4 pin connected. I'm stumped. Now... the Corsair RM750X I have has a 7 year warranty on it, so I wonder if they'll honor it? And thanks for the input IR..... Side question... All the fans in my case are now running a LOT slower and quieter since the new Mobo, CPU and Memory. Was the previous motherboard pushing them harder or the 6700 run warmer than this new 10700K?
  10. Nothing at all even when I press the power button several times. If I unplug the power cord from the power supply and plug it back in, I'll get a very brief flash on the motherboard that something happened. I'm putting in a different power supply right now just to rule that out. I didn't want to have to open this but I just did. If it's not the issue, hopefully I can take it back and save $150
  11. I'm out of ideas... I just upgraded my Motherboard, CPU and RAM and the damn PC won't boot when I click the button half the time. I have to unplug the power supply, and plug it back in and flip the switch on it a few times. This power supply has been flawless since I got it new appx 3 years ago, so I keep leaning back to the motherboard. Oddly enough, once it's running, there are ZERO issues. If I RESTART, it works fine. It only does this from a full OFF and a cold start I WAS running a Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 7, i7 6700 and 16gb of Corsair memory on the 750w Corsair power supply which is 8 pins for the ATX power NOW.... The new Motherboard is a Gigabyte Z590 Aorus Elite AX, i7 10700K CPU and 32gb of Corsair Vengeance LPX 2933. Also the new motherboard is a 8 pin + another 4 pin ATX power, but I was told that the 8 pin was enough and I didn't need the other 4 pin unless I was overclocking. Could this be the issue? I NEED that 4 pin after all?
  12. The EVO worked flawlessly... The system was quick to begin with. I just needed more giggery
  13. There are several very steep yards in my town. I'm talking 60 degrees, etc... I watched a guy mow his one time. He had ropes tied to the base between the rear wheels and would lower it down the front yard. The kid was at the bottom and would move it over one width and the father would pull it back up and so on... They made pretty short work of it
  14. I figured I better jump before she looked into it any further.... She has a habit of "googling" things
  15. I think I may have looked at that one. I've had absolutely zero problems with the Samsung I have now which is why I was going to stick with them. The wife saw me looking and OK'd the cheaper one, so I went with the EVO Plus. 500gb should be plenty future-proof for just an OS and a few games. All my Docs, Videos, and Music are on separate drives
  16. I forgot to update this.... sorry.... A few months after I posted this thread, I talked to my old neighbor who is on the police force. He hinted that they KNEW what is going on, but there are larger entities who are working on something and the locals aren't supposed to step on toes in certain investigations. 2 weeks AFTER that conversation, the stupid neighbor decided to beat up on his wife.... guess what... that incident did NOT step on the toes of the "other" investigation, and the local police responded and arrested the guy, AND found stuff in the process of that arrest. The wife has a restraining order on him and getting a divorce and he has since moved out. He stalked her for a while, but I called in his car several times on our street and the police were able to snag him again for violating the restraining order. He hasn't been seen around here since. And the airport type traffic on my boring street has since been cut by appx 75%.... weird.... Coincidence?!?!?
  17. I've been ridiculously happy with my Samsung 950 Pro M.2 drive since I got it, but with the new Borderlands 3 coming out, my 256gb OS drive is a little small, so I'm going to double it. Money is tight right now, but I got the wife to actually agree to "allowing" me to get a larger drive. The price differences on Newegg between the 970 Pro 512gb and the 970 EVO Plus 500gb are $169 vs $119. Comparing the specs, they look extremely similar.... What exactly is the big difference performance-wise?
  18. Congratz to the winners and I hope everyone had a safe and festive holiday season.
  19. I forgot all about it and then remembered as I was going to bed tonight.... 11:55pm Good luck to everyone and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Holiday Season
  20. That depends on which ammunition you are using. You take the cheap ball ammo and use that at the range for practice, and for self defense and Home Defense you reload and use hollow points. They hit what you are aiming at and then they stop there. And once every 6 months or so you fire off the hollow points that have been sitting in the gun and reload your mag with new hollow points just to keep fresh ammo in there
  21. Yes... I much prefer to see a hammer. Our H&K's had the decocker lever, but no safety. It was called a Variant 3. We carried one in the chamber and half cocked all the time...lol (yeah, I know that sounds weird) The Sig P226 has a similar decocker that I thought worked nicely I used the range's H&K USP 9mm for my requal 2 weeks ago. I thought it shot the same as the .40 I carried, and possibly even better. A little less snap and I get 2 more rounds as well. Ammo is cheaper and easier to find, so I've already decided I'm going with a 9mm regardless.
  22. I've shot a few Glocks in the past and I wasn't too impressed with them to be honest. I know a lot of people swear by the 17s and 19s, but they're just not for me. On top of that, I've always thought they were ugly. Oddly enough, I think the PX4 Storm is also rather ugly but it shot pretty nice. I had a hard time trying to adapt to the grip on it though. I'm pretty used to my blocky shaped pistols like the H&K in the Sig. The Beretta was a little swoopy and comfortable but in a weird way. I think I would have to shoot it a lot more to get used to it. But to be honest, I'm finding the Sig I like as well as H & K's on that gunbroker.com website for under 500 so that is cool.
  23. I don't blame you for not listing off all your toys for a reason like that. However, I do like hearing people's opinions on different manufacturers or calibers or what is your favorite type to shoot or what you've maybe had good luck with or bad luck with Etc
  24. We are basically getting these for safety reasons on top of the fact I kind of like going to the range anyway. Our neighbor down the street has something going on in his garage and we have many individuals on a daily basis at will park in front of my house and walk all the way down to his garage and come back out within 5 minutes and leave. The local police department hasn't done anything even though they have been called multiple times about this. A friend of mine who is on the police force came right out and told me that is the recipe for a drug house. They parked down the street and walk to not draw attention to the house. My daughter has noticed this as well and she's starting to get a little leery of even walking home after school when she sees these cars parked in front of our house. We literally live one block from an elementary school. These people's park in front of our house and then sit and look around, and you got to wonder what's going through their head. To top that off, we had an incident a couple months ago where we had one of the automated phone calls from the local dispatch. It didn't give any details other than there was police activity in our area, and we needed to make sure all doors and windows were locked and go downstairs into the basement to a safe space and we would receive a phone call when everything was taken care of. I called dispatch back right away and got a real person and they did verify that it was a real threat but they could not give details. Needless to say, I felt pretty stupid sitting in my basement with my family holding a hammer in one hand and a bat in the other. That's when my wife looked at me and gave me the nod and she says we are getting a handgun. The sad thing is, when all was said and done that night, it was some guy that had beat up his ex-girlfriend and had then barricaded himself in the house. So the police knew that he was not out and about in the neighborhood doing anything and they knew exactly where he was. So in my eyes, there was absolutely no need to panic everybody. Aside from that drama, I'm looking forward to getting my card in the mail ASAP, and then going back up to the range and test firing a few more before I make a decision. The cool thing is, I found Black Market eBay. It's a website called gunbroker.com. I can pretty much shot for the stuff that I see in the gun store, but it is half the price. And my local pawn shop does FFL transfers for 30 bucks. My wife is also interested in getting something that will never leave the house so I may end up purchasing 2 anyway. I have bigger hands and I absolutely hate shooting tiny single stack guns. But she has small hands and they fit her perfectly so basically we will be looking for a his and hers set.
  25. First off, the purpose of this thread is just to discuss different types of firearms or rifles or the collecting of such things as well as preferences for sports shooting or target shooting. I have zero intention of this turning into a crap storm of people crying about guns. So please leave your political standpoint out of this. With that said, I worked armed security for many years and carried what I considered a fairly nice handgun. It was an H&K USP 40 cal. Along with that we carried AR-15s with Trijicon scopes. We had a lot of fun shooting these and even turn them into small competitions when we have our training days. Aside from that, I've been shooting a gun since I had my first Daisy BB gun when I was 10 years old. No aluminum can was safe. Now, with the things going on in the world as they are, and a few incidences in my local area and neighborhood with a certain neighbor who has invited a few individuals who I would rather not see in my neighborhood, I have gotten permission from the war department to finally get myself a handgun, even though I've had my concealed carry since 2007. Yes, I know, it's 11 years late. I am very much leaning on getting the same gun I carried for seven and a half years, but when I was at the local gun range a couple weeks ago, I decided to give to other pistols or run on the Range and I was very impressed with them. One was a Sig P226 MK25, and the other was a Beretta PX4 Storm. Both were 9 mm. I thought the Sig shot a lot better and I had a much tighter pattern, but it's also four hundred bucks more than the Beretta. So I'm having a hard time deciding between my comfort and my wallet. Now all's I'm waiting for is my new concealed carry card along with the permit to purchase. So, anyone else here enjoy their range time, and what do you got for toys?
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