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Help With Cuda Install

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Trying to install Cuda drivers....


sytem is sig...

card is 8800gt..


uninstalled old drivers... rebooted....

started install of cuda drivers...


get message


The Nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware.


Running 32bit XP and downloaded the XP 32 drivers.......



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Okay so ie crashed when i was writing the first reply so this will be brief.


I thought you would be talking about the new cuda 2 beta drivers, the newest cuda drivers .


CUDA driver: NVIDIA Driver for Microsoft Windows XP with CUDA Support (177.35)


they extract to be the same, and are the same filesize as the new 177.35 drivers release for the 2xx series cards.


maybe i just assumed because of the numbers... now, with that said if those are the ones


the 8xxx series is no supported for download with the 177.35, you only get like 175.16 i think.


so TO INSTALL the 177.35 drivers on a non 2xx series you can USE THE THREAD and read how they use the patched .inf and .cat files to install the 177.35 drivers on a non 2xx card.



so now im confused.


inroincally too i had the same error you had until i used the patched .inf and .cat

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Yeah i don't get that either, that forum thread didn't help one bit.

read the first post of the thread... if you can't be bothered to read, download the modified drivers and they WORK on 8 series


there is no irony here either lol

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