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  1. Yup, but just barely. Included is the 140 mm fan that it came with, whatever screws you want, (plus the original MB standoff and an assortment of drive screws) and the booklet/manual if you want it. Jager
  2. Yeah I use a different 300 for my HTPC. The simple no-nonsense design is great for those utilitarian uses. Jager
  3. Howdies everyone, I am trying to clear out some of my spare cases and hopefully one of them will catch someone's eye. Unfortunately at the moment I am only willing to ship to US CUSTOMERS, Perhaps Canadians, but we will have to see. All the following items have been hardly used (<20 hours) and all the screws, extras, and manuals come with them in the original packaging. Please PM me if you are interested in anything you see here. S&H will be calculated as shipping from Florida Prices are 20% off current retail price (09/20/2011) [$84.00] Antec 600 v.2 Gaming case eBay.com [$50.00] CoolerMaster HAF 912 Newegg.com [$48.00] Antec 300 Newegg.com [$52.00] InWin Dragon Slayer Newegg.com [$48.00] Sentey Optimus Newegg.com [$72.00] Tempest 410 by NZXT Newegg.com SOLD ITEMS Help me make this list grow! 1)[$30.00] Sentry Mix by NZXT, No discount on this one because I can only find on place online that is selling it and it is listed as out of stock. XOXIDE.com
  4. hah, yeah. I can see that when the colder months hit there is a definite spike in WU's completed.
  5. Hey fellow OCC'ers. I got back from my holiday weekend and noticed that I broke 1mil points sometime Sunday. Freaking finally... Also, watch out top 5 folders, here I come! Jager P.S.: I guess not too many people contribute to WCG these days either....
  6. I agree with Waco, I would go in the order of WinXP->Win7->Linux. Grub will see the other two boot partitions and manage everything for you. Win7 might do the same, but I know that GRUB2 will manage it with potentially fewer headaches. Also if you have a way to boot into a Linux distro in the end (no matter the boot order) you can update the GRUB config file and get the same results. Plus, I am not certain, but can Win7 even see an ext4 partition to grab the Linux boot? Jager EDIT: paulktreg, I wish I had had your luck when I installed Win7. It was +3 hours of headache as I had to dig through the setuperr.log file during install to figure out why it didn't like my hard drive. Stupid installer couldn't figure out how to partition the drive in order to create the 100MB part at the beginning.....
  7. At 32GB I don't think you would have barely enough for Win7+games; much less a Linux install with any more room than perhaps 2GB. My fresh install of Win7 takes up 20GB alone. If you want to go with such a small SDD I would just install your OS's to it, Stick STEAM and games onto the HDD. For drive comparison, don't know if you have seen this before: http://www.storagereview.com/php/benchmark/bench_sort.php Jager
  8. I hope that this is the correct sub-forum. I put it here because it deals with the controlling screen of my Promise RAID controller. So here is the deal: I have an old system, P4, Abit AI7 Mobo, 2GB DDR, BFG6800, Promise FASTTrack TX2/LP (V2.00.0.33) and 2x60GB WD's I am wanting to set this up as a webserver, but I have run into an issue. While I was initially setting up the RAID 1 through the Ctrl+F shortcut during the boot sequence, I ran into a problem. I was able to access the RAID build screen fine, and the process of building the RAID finished seemingly without a problem. When I followed the instruction of "Press enter to reboot the system" things started to get weird. The screen spasmodically flashed different colors and nothing else happened. Well that was weird, so I rebooted hoping that that would solve the problem. Unfortunately, upon reboot the image that came up was the last screen that I had seen in the RAID menu, fortunately it was no longer flashing like crazy. When i say that the image was of the RAID screen, i mean that i never saw the POST, I never saw the bios messages after that, all that came up instantly was the RAID menu and it still had the message "Press enter to reboot" (which doesn't work btw). In trying to fix this I have done the following: 1) Rebooted several times 2) Completely shut the system off, pulled the power cord, and drained the PSU. 3) Reset the BIOS, with the jumper, pulling the battery, and the combination of both 4) Pulled every component from the system except for the Proc and the RAM and started it up. After every single one of those tries, the first image that pops up on my monitor when i turn things back on is the RAID menu. Now however it looks like it has shifted some as the left-most ~200 pixels are off-screen. This one definitely has me stumped. Anyone have an idea? Jager
  9. Well. I will try to break the tie if I can. I know that I would go with a SSD, but barring that the Velociraptor is definately the winner in my eye. I say this because as far as I know the only "Cheetah" branded hard drives are of the SCSI interface type. This would mean that you would need to get an additional add-in card to give you the SCSI capability with that motherboard. This add-in card will most likely require drivers during the windows install, so make sure you have a 3.5" handy or can slipstream them into your install CD. Now, yes SCSI devices are fast, and have pretty dang impressive seek times. This is because they are enterprise level hardware and are expected to be able to read and write data very fast off of different areas of the platters efficiently. Enterprise level disks also have a lot of redundancy and error checking built in in order to maintain lots of up-time. Now the Velociraptor is of the SATA interface. This means that the motherboard you are looking at will support this drive natively with no hassle. Yes there will not be quite as good of reliability seeing as it is not server hardware, but throughout the lifetime of the drive I seriously do not think that you would notice the difference. Yes it has slightly higher seek times, but if you are worried about seek times I would just go to a SSD and be done with it. (really though the higher seek times are still low compared with other traditional 7200RPM drives. Basically, the tl;dr is that I do not think that you would notice a significant difference in terms of performance between the two during average gaming and/or file useage. Now if this computer will be a file server, and about 20+ clients will be connecting to it all demanding lots of files, then go with the SCSI. Otherwise I feel that you can get the level or performance that you are looking for for a lot less money and hassle with the Velociraptor. Jager P.S.: My gaming computer has a Velociraptor and it is awesome. Before that I did have a RAID 0 with 2x160GB Seagate Cheetah's built with used parts and it was nice, but a headache whenever i needed to reinstall windows or do anything in my case (that comparatively bulky 8-connection SCSI cable)
  10. For a while there I know that I had a pretty low opinion of their products. Mainly the fans/heatsinks, and cases. They have improved lately though and are putting out some pretty good quality products these days. It is nice to see a company changing how they do things in light of what I can only imagine was their consumers' opinions. Jager
  11. I voted for First Person Shooter as this is what I have been primarily playing for the past few years. 4X Games had been my forte, but sadly there haven't been that many good ones coming out lately. Also, I play MMORPG's a fair deal, So since i cant select two options I will say it here. Jager
  12. Eagerly awaiting some word, good or bad. Jager
  13. I would be in for this, Just need to hear a time and date and I will try to be there. I just have the vanilla version though, no addons etc. Jager
  14. Have you seen this case? It would be wide enough I bet. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811163154 Jager
  15. I was looking at SSD's earlier today. Found this review by OCC and liked what I saw. So I decided to see how much it was going for over on Newegg. Much to my delight and suprise: The newegg site was boasting that this drive had recieved a OCC gold award! a) This is awesome that Newegg is using this as a selling point. Even more main-stream anyone? b) This is awesome that OCC is becoming more and more renowned across the internet. Completely awesome, Keep it up OCC! Jager Link for Reference
  16. I voted for the options that: I wish there was an Opt-out, and that I didn't really like the concept. I really like and use Google, in a large part, because of its simple and plain interface and the bare-bones 'feel' to it. I don't think that a lot of the internet power-users will use it too much, but I think that a lot of the Internet's standard users will like it. I must admit thought that I didn't even know about it until I read this post. That is because I pretty much exclusively use: www.google.com/webhp?hl=xx-hacker We shall see how this goes. Jager
  17. Fallout Tactics FTW! 1) Fallout Tactics 2) XCOM: Apocalypse 3) Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds 4) Homeworld 1 5) C&C: Generals Jager Ps: I feel like a gravedigger with this old thread
  18. I have the Thermalright 120 eXtreme that you list. I have really enjoyed it and it has worked very well for me in my Antec 300 case. Quite and very good cooling. Hope this helps. Jager
  19. Just a quick smattering of my conquests across COD4, CODMW2, BF2, and BF2142. Waaaayy to many to upload them all Lots more at: http://www.xfire.com/profile/hienrichjager/ Jager
  20. o.0 I think I know exactly which girl you are talking about there. As a general principle though I definately think girls make good games. Really anyone can be a gamer. All you need is a quick mind and good reactions for FPS's; and a devious mind for strategy games (perfect fit here Jager
  21. I probably completely missed where you mentioned this.... But what cooling type/brand were you testing these 2 new chips with? Jager
  22. I didn't even bother purchasing the first map pack, and I really don't see myself getting the seconds when it becomes avaliable for the PC. It has kind of worked out nice as well, because a large portion of the gamers on steam seem to have purchased it, so I am left with a lot of the newer players. Slaying to be had all around ^_^ Jager
  23. Currently playing through Borderlands. It is very obviously a port from consoles but aside from the inherent flaws from that it isnt a bad game. I would recommend picking it up if you liked Fallout 3 Jager
  24. Well, finally getting around to posting here. Life had been hectic lately :/ Arrived home from work the other day and saw that i had a package waiting for me. And this is what was inside: So i stuck it on a glass trivet that I used as a mousepad: Gosh it is Thin! And now use it for my home theater: You can see it on the table there. And on the wall is the "Remembering Verran" (certificate) that I got with it. RIP Buddy. you are missed. Freaking pink, but whatever lol. Jager P.S.: Thanks OCC P.P.S: How do I make those images smaller? Peas and Rice they are huge!
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