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Dso-2090 Usb Oscilloscope

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Hey guys, I just happened to see this thread and I'll add some input for anyone that's interested.


I got this scope a while back and the software that comes with it is pretty good. Here are some screenshots:


Here's the cal signal from the oscope itself.



Rise time.







What I really like about the scope is that it came with a Visual Basic SDK to work with. With that, you have access to all the raw data you could ever need, and you write custom programs to do ANYTHING. Oh, and it also comes with Labview and VC++ project.


Well I hope this was helpful!

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IMO, USB-2090 is cheap and good, the only thing is that the power consumption is a bit high. An alternative option would be: VT DSO-2810F, it is smaller than USB-2090, and come with a software called Multi-Instrument with much more functions and flexibility (a bit academic users oriented, though). One good thing of this package is that the software supports sound card MME and ASIO driver, NI DAQmx cards additionally, which is a bonus!

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Word of warning - I damaged my DSO scope by connecting the scope lead the wrong way round. Easily done? I think I connected the ground lead on the oscilloscope lead to +12V on my power supply load and it didn't like it!


I currently use a Fluke Scopemeter via an optically isolated USB lead - much safer!

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