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I have NEVER seen this happen EVER

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I have this micro atx AM2 motherboard. I have this heatsink on it, which is the one the computer came with. I recently reassembled the computer after getting some new parts for it, as it had been largely sitting in my closet inside the computer case (minus the cpu and heatsink). This heatsink was used on it before for at least seven months around early 2007.


Well, last night, the plastic part that the AM2 heatsink attaches to, BROKE. The pressure from the heatsink caused the little plastic part that the heatsink attaches to snapped off. The metal piece that actually holds the heatsink onto the motherboard broke it. This happened while the computer was sitting upright, it wasn't being moved around or anything. The computer was on, then unexpectedly shut off. I was like "what the heck???" I restarted it several times, then opened it up, and there was the heatsink, barely hanging on to the remaining plastic hook on the motherboard. Right now I have the computer on its side, using gravity to help the heatsink stay on.


Can I buy a replacement plastic piece for the heatsink attachment on the motherboard? It looks like it is attached with screws, so it leads me to believe this could be done relatively easily. Does anyone have a broken AM2 motherboard that you could remove that plastic piece and send it to me? I'd rather not have to buy a whole new motherboard for that thing.



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