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    Do i really need to upgrade my gpu?

    In the order you asked: A) Maybe B) Yes C) No I owned two 780's a couple years ago (first just one, then a second for SLI), and I was fairly exasperated with how quickly they became obsolete from a high-performance perspective. For me, the 3GB VRAM was absolutely crippling as soon as a game started to exceed that. If you don't care about textures, then you can probably get away with the 780. I have a Strix 1070 now, though, and I'm very happy with it. You have a 4K TV, if you have the itch to upgrade, you may as well get a new GPU and get the most out of your setup. Your i5 is perfectly sufficient for powering a 1070, even a 1080, even SLI of both.
  2. Since I bought my board used from a buddy, he was not able to find the backplate when he sold it to me. Whatever, it was still a good deal. Having said that, I'd really like to find the darn thing. I've searched eBay high and low to no success. Tried contacting Intel and all I got was a runaround. Does anybody have any suggestions on where I could look to find the backplate? Better yet, are there "blank" shields you can buy and customize for your board, or am I out of luck?
  3. My experience tells me I'm more inclined to think it would be a software issue that would cause this. Aside from Youtube, what programs are you using to play media, and from what sources? A few catch-all suggestions are: 1) Make sure you have the latest nVidia drivers for your video card. Go to nvidia.com to download the latest drivers. 2) For media files on your PC, try a media player like VLC or Media Player Classic. 3) What browser are you using for Youtube? I would recommend Chrome if you aren't using it already, but Firefox and Opera are also solid choices! Good luck!
  4. Hey, OCC, long time no post! Anyways, the last few days I've been using a first-generation Surface Pro, and as someone who generally prefers full-sized laptops, I've been blown away by how much I've enjoyed using the thing, despite being an older device. The pros and cons for me break down something like this: Pros... Runs a full 64-bit x86 OS 3rd-gen i5 is perfectly sufficient for most any task that I would do on such a device SSD, while small by today's standards, operates very well Whole GUI seems to render at 60 FPS, making for an extremely smooth experience Fantastic screen Reassuringly solid build quality Cons... Battery is average Type cover touchpad is awkward Wifi occasionally has trouble reconnecting after resuming from standby Small SSD 1920x1080 is not an ideal resolution for a productivity tablet How does OCC feel about the Surface line? Is there anyone here that has a newer Surface, or even the Book? What do you use it for?
  5. I'm definitely looking forward to picking this up once it releases. I've been in the mood for a good RTS game, and the fact it reminds me a lot of Supreme Commander is not a bad thing. I'm also excited to pick up my first DX12 game and see if going to AMD was worth the switch.
  6. Crow47

    Best Cinebench Score EVER

    Goodness, this brings back memories from when I was doing computer support. I have painful memories of working with these machines, they were slower than molasses. But really, though, 19? That is just amazingly awful!
  7. Can I ask why you feel the earlier models are garbage?
  8. Thank you! I feel like I got a decent deal. What it is actually doing, though, is looking at newer Surfaces because I would not mind having something with a little more battery and more storage. I hear the new Surfaces are due in October, so maybe I'll wait until then. Is the Ubuntu UI even set up for touch screen devices? Come to think of it I don't think I've ever seen Ubuntu used that way before aside from that video I linked. If you want something fast and portable I think the Surface is a great option. While not ideal for gaming, they're perfect for productivity applications. Kudos to you for getting so much life out of your machine!
  9. Crow47

    Your Computer Tech Hates You

    As a former PC tech, myself, I really identified with all of the items on the list. But what really hit home for me was the "can you upgrade my 10 year old PC?" I can't even count how many times I was in a situation like that.
  10. From what I can see online, I got a decent deal at $250 for the unit, charger, two type covers (one backlit), and the pen. The tablet itself is in great shape. I've found I've been using it a lot for reading, since the 1080p display actually works ok in portrait mode. Have you tried the keyboard cover of the SP4? I've heard good things about it, and I'd be curious to see what kind of leap in quality Microsoft was able to pull off. Looks like people have been able to get Ubuntu running on your exact model of Surface. I think it'd be fun for kicks to load up XP on there and vainly try to use the touchscreen.
  11. Just this weekend, I was walking around my local Best Buy and was astonished by the quantity of sub-$125 tablets. I even saw a modest $67 unit, and while basic, I was impressed at the relative functionality for such little money. So this got me thinking, what's the best sub-$125 tablet? I'm in the mood for a new toy, and if I can find the right one it may just replace my laptop for basic note-taking duties while at school. Does anyone have any recommendations? I have a few requirements: -Capacitive (not resistive) display -Bluetooth -Non-proprietary Android skin (looking at you, Kindle HD) And really, that's about it. How much can you really get these days?
  12. Crow47

    Cheap Tablet Challenge

    Ended up going with something called a Winbook TW801 from my local MicroCenter. Same specs as the Dell Venue 8 Pro, but this thing was only $140! I couldn't be happier as it's a full PC, and the IPS screen is very decent. Battery life is superb and the performance is adequate for web-surfing and note-taing, which is exactly what I bought it for. I can't believe they can cram this much in for so little. I highly recommend this thing.
  13. Crow47

    r9 290 advice

    I'd buy it only if I could talk him down from the listed price. At the very least, if it doesn't last you long, you won't have paid much at all for it.
  14. Crow47

    Cheap Tablet Challenge

    What did you pay for the Dell? I actually prefer Windows 8 as a touch OS vs. the other counterparts, and the fact it's an actual computer is pretty neat.
  15. Crow47

    Cheap Tablet Challenge

    Tablet gaming isn't really of any interest to me. There just aren't any games out there that are worth my time versus playing on my PC. Yeah, the MemoPad 7 is a strong contender.
  16. Crow47

    Cheap Tablet Challenge

    I really don't have any requirements on screen size. I'm not a huge fan of big tablets so the smaller size inheren to this price range is a benefit. I was actually looking at the memo pad 7 on eBay as they are about half the price on there used, since that's usually how I roll!
  17. Crow47

    Windows 10 Revealed

    Looking forward to testing this pretty thoroughly later on tomorrow. I'm going to install it on my laptop so I can see how they've adjusted the touch features.
  18. Crow47

    780 SLI vs 980

    Actually the biggest one is optimization issues and lack of support. Big-budget titles may get driver updates eventually, but for smaller titles, multi-GPU setups can actually cause problems and require you to turn one GPU off, which completely defeats the purpose. Why spend money on something that you won't get the benefit of 100% of the time? That's quite true and a valid point. However, it all comes down to the games that I play, and a few months ago when I had SLI 670's there were only one or two games that didn't fully support SLI (*cough* Watch Dogs *cough*).
  19. Crow47

    780 SLI vs 980

    I'm itching for a new upgrade for my rig, and like the title says, I'm debating between another 780 or selling my current one and buying a 980. I've read the review on the 980 here at OCC, and so far none of the newer features really speak to me. Prices on second-hand 780's are already falling online, making the acquisition of a second card for SLI very cost-effective. What would you do?
  20. Crow47

    780 SLI vs 980

    Well really the only point I'm hearing against the SLI setup are considerations like heat and power. Neither of these have an effect on me in any way. I have plenty of power and an airy case in a cool room. I've had four different multi-card setups over the years so the pitfalls are fairly well known to me at this point.
  21. Crow47

    780 SLI vs 980

    Well really I am a fan of dual card systems so that is why I am considering a second 780. I do feel the need for a little more performance because on some of the more bleeding edge games the 780 is not able to maintain 60 fps at 1440p. Is the 980 really that much faster? I remember seeing that in FireStrike, yes, it was a good deal faster but that is one synthetic benchmark. Could've sworn the gap was much narrower in actual games. The reason I would get the 980 is because it does offer some newer technologies but I'm not sure if any of them are worth caring about as of now.
  22. Crow47

    Extending z506 cable wires

    Looks like some basic RCA extensions will do the job just fine.
  23. Simply having a monitor hooked up to your laptop will not create display lag. It will be entirely dependent on your monitor. In this day and age, 9ms is on the slower side, but still may be sufficient. It will be up to your eyes if you are to see a difference.
  24. You're having the exact problem I was having with the window sizing. I suppose it's liveable but it sure is an annoyance.
  25. This never happened with my nVidia cards, but right now when my monitors go into power saving after being idle (computer still on), I hear the windows device removed sound. After waking the computer back up, all my windows have been re-positioned to the primary screen. This is frustrating, because every time I have to come back to my computer, I have to move my windows around again. Does anyone know why this happens?