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  1. I saw the thread and thought you might be selling some gear and started eyeing that Audioengine D1 USB DAC AMP, before I started to read the thread then I was slightly disappointed it wasn't for sale but is some great gear none the less, congrats.
  2. The mounting bracket on the 9900 broke I considered just geting a replacement bracket but the mount had alway been a bit of challange for me with and with having to my mobo the last time to remove it due to a striped ball hex screw when they could have used regular hex or torqx or just about anything else and avoided the issue, prompted me to upgrade the cooling while switching to something without such an asine mounting system. I really need to update my sig. Explanation of how things got the way they are now. The 965 rig I gave(voluntold to give) to my brother when his mobo died and it was out of warranty he was do for an upgrade anyway, and I was at least partialy compensated towards my new rig by my paarents when this happened. I then built the FX8150 rig as a pure gamer rig with the 560Ti, the 560ti was an rma freebie upgrade so it runs the 560ti for graphics and the 550ti for physx + an all SSD setup, and 32GB of DDR3 1866, Asus Sabertooth 990 R2.0 board. I also have a 610e rig as media machine and back up gamer 16GB DDR3 1600 heavily oced zotac GT545 5.6TB of storage soon to be 8TB total Gigabyte 970A-UD3 board - this rig runs nearly 24/7 minus updates. Hopefully that answers some questions as to why the cooling upgrade is needed and wanted after a nightmarish experience with the Zalman. As not it did install on the FX8150 rig it just did not seat properly thus necessitating its removal to redo the thermal grease this then uncovered the stripped screw and all the drama their in. So yes the 965 is still running just in my brothers room. Anyway so what the take on a push pull 2nd gen H60 versus replacing the bracket on the zalman as far as temps. thx. in Adv.
  3. The h60 revision 2 is looking like a good option in price and case area I am wondering if it is possible to run a push pull config on it and if it would help.
  4. I have built new 8150 rig my cnps9900 max had the mounting system fail, currently cooling using a gigabyte g2 pro not really up to my spec but it does keep the processor from over heating as long I only clock it to 4Ghz with 4.2 on the turbo max tem63/64C with this cooler not exactly great but stable. I have tested chip and get it to higher clocks that are stable with the right voltage but temps start to spiral off into the distance. So I am down to 2 options for what I can fit in my case(HAF932) from what I can surmize and they are Antec KUHLER H2O 920 Liquid Cooling System - $99.99or Phanteks PH-TC14PE 140mm UFB with a tri fan setup additional fan for tri fan - $100.98 price range is around $100-$125 btw current cooler for refernce G2 pro anyway looking for best performance for cooling limit to 140 max fan on the radiator due to the top mounting option be blocked in my case. would like to order this weekend if anyone has any advice. setup details for those interested Windows 8 64-bit pro Sabertooth 990 R2.0 32GB DDR3 1866 100GB pcie ssd 700/550 512gb SATA 3 transcend SSD 565/550 60GB mushkin Sata 3 SSD 565/550 Sata dvd burner Galaxy 560ti Soc White Edition Gigabyte 550ti OC edition fx 8150 vcore 1.28 @ 4.0 currently cooled via G2 pro mentioned earlier prime stable max temp 63C after 24hrs no errors on any cores Haf 932 case 200mm front fan in 200mm side fan in, 120mm on bottom in, 120mm on top out, 140mm rear out Dual psu trigged by relay. pc&c 750 and a antec 620 earth watts,
  5. Bumping for updated parts list and prices.
  6. Build a new box need some help on the chip 1090T or FX8150 or i5 3570k. If go amd I can afford 480GB revo drive to go with my 100GB I already have. Where with the Intel I coukd only get a 256GB sata 6Gb drive to compliment my 100GB revo 2. This is purely a gaming rig and only needs HDD space to hold the about 10 games I keep installed at a time. Also have a zalman cpns 9900 to cool the cpu in either case. I also intend to be running 32GB of ram and to oc the chip heavily. My case is a haf932 with twin psus a pcpc 750 fresh back from rma it had a bad pot and the other psu a antec 620 triggered by 12v relay it will solely supply the videocard(s). Gcard is a galaxy gtx560ti white edition. Thoughts are welcome.
  7. Looking to sell a AMD 940 BE 2GB ocz gold DDR2 1066 200GB sata drive I have it is all in good working order last time I had it hooked up $105 - Shipped to the lower 48 btw the mobo this was in died parts are known working from a back up I borrowed. So I am building a new system and getting rid of these.
  8. Weirdness I haven't had one that required adhesive since the 440MX days, unless you count the ati 9800pro I had but that was because I was impatient and did not want to drill mount holes in the cpu heatsink that went on it. That was a long time ago though.
  9. swapping board tomorrow eveing I have a Gigabyte UD3 970 that is known good in my media box I am going to pop the chip and ram into and test, because I had already tried tweaking the voltage to avail. On a brighter note the board is under warranty and I have started the RMA process for it so if the Gigabyte board proves out that this is a board issue I should be getting a replacement for the cost of shipping.
  10. Ran some test they have had some interesting but not nesscarily conclusive results pointing, to the ram, cpu or, most likely the mobo. The ram will operate as single stick in either to inner slots the farthest left spot errors out red all over place in memtest, the farthest right slot refuses to boot all, when the two center slots are occupied no boot, when only module is present in either center slot it will run through memtest with no issues what so ever. I have tried all modules individually in the center spots one at a time and there are no errors what so ever when just one module present, but if you try to use dual channel no boot what so ever. So my concern is the ram not capable of dual channel anymore some how? Or is the embed control in the chip doubtful I think as the mem works at all but a possible reason, or is it the mobo based off what appears to be failing ram slots. I do have a back up rig with a AMD 610e in it and a gigabyte 970x board I will test the mem in and then the chip depending on the rams results. But any thoughts on whether any of this testing is conclusive so far would be great.
  11. Okay guys hopeing someone here knows a good mobo tester and a good cpu tester, I am going to test mem with memtest 86 shortly. I am getting completely random blue screens of death even with no OC, usually as page fault in a non-paged area but all drives checkout with hdd tune scans fine even on the long run. Prime 95 is okay it does not error unless the whole system blue screens, page fault in unpaged area and so goes with any of tools below and in games, but completely at random so some nights no crashes other nights I cannot escape them. They do seem to happen more often when the system is underload, but not always as it even happen sometimes when I am just browsing. Anyway other tools used, and info. FurMark runs fine until the whole system blue screens, but it usually takes like 7hrs for that to happen in furmark. RMA'ed my GTX460 as it had issue and put in a 550ti in the mean time and that helped a bit it seemed but still getting completely random bluescreens. btw they replaced my GTX460 with a GTX560ti soc white edition I haven't installed yet as I want to figure out what is going wrong, before putting my shinny new card in. check for spyware clean, virus scan clean, scan disk clean, optimized the SSD and scanned is clean, HDDs disk clean upped and defragged clean. Also specs below Asus M4A77TD PRO Version 1104 AMD 965 black edition @ 3.8ghz 1.47-1.5volts revision RB-C3 Temps never goes above 55C cooled by Zalman CNPS9900 Memory 16GB quad channel kit DDR3 1600 from crucial @ 1600 timings 9-9-9-24 41 2T 1.5V 550TI from gigabyte PC Power and Cooling 750 watt crossfire edition voltages seem stable from all the sensors - link to psu as it is out of production now as far as I know. 100GB Revo drive for OS 500GB From samsung 2TB From samsung Haf932 LG dvd burner Running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit Any help would be appreciated I don't want to just start replacing parts trying to figure it out.
  12. No it is a 92mm but works great use them all time for space constrained builds.
  13. This has always been my go to for low profile builds that need performance cooling and quiet, Zalman CNPS8000 - 157Kr. - link is to it on the site you are using. at that price it is 71Kr under your budget, I have used it on a C2D E8600 and a Q9400 with out issue in low profile cases.
  14. Have an e-350 box for $250 shipped, 4GB ram, dvd-burner, 200GB hdd
  15. Voted 2-4AM Usually closer 1:30AM on work nights haft to get up around 7:30AM to make it to work on time on the day I am in office when I am working from home it is more around 8:30AM Weekends Closer to 2-3AM but I sleep till like 11AM usually. So I voted 4-6 as that is most frequent time range for me.
  16. Kenwood head unit 50x4 rms to infinity kappa perfect 5" doors 6x9"s in the rear, soon to go extreme have a 700wx4 rms for the doors and 2000wx1 rms for the subs that will be in soon 3x obsidian 15"s 8 farad cap and upgraded alt. Unforunately the car is only sitting on 4x50 400 max unit right now but is decent for the wattage. The headphone Denon HP1000's driven by my 500w rms @ 8 0hm head unit or effective wattage for head phones @ 600ohms is 6.67watts rms or just beyond the max power the head phones handle, considering most headphone can only take an 1/8th a watt that should give some perspective. In other words I like my music loud listen at about 125 right now on the denons. The goal with car setup is 125-30 all day long capability with 160 burps.
  17. Depends on if it is my car or my headphones, I can max out in my car which is around 117DB, at least for now. My headphones though can reach out touch 140DB for short periods so maxing them really is not the best idea, though spikes to 130+ for certain songs and beats is nice.
  18. Still looking for 2x2GB 4GB total set of DDR2 800 or faster
  19. Mayo on everything meat related including hotdogs
  20. The 550ti is a gigabyte The 460 1GB SOC is a galaxy the highest clocked air cooled 460 on the market as far as I know Page for card - http://www.galaxytech.com/__en_gb__/Product28.aspx
  21. My GTX460 super OC temporarily it is under warranty and going back for replacement I currently have a 550Ti from my back rig in the main rig, and bought a GT545 - ~$70, to serve in my back up rig in the mean time while my 460 is being replaced, after which the 545 will relegated to a static bag for emergency or put in the main rig as a dedicated physx card. The 460 failed on its for overheating all of a sudden for no apparent reason I left it at factory settings, and even bumped the fan speed up to a minimum of 80% and just kept overheating crashing the whole system, temps were getting into 100C range even with massive cooler on it going full blast, the quad heat pipes and ducting were no match for its heat out put. Oh well my backup isn't to bad 192 cores 1Ghz gpu/ 1.1Ghz GDDR5/ 2Ghz on the shaders and stable as all get out.
  22. Primary HAF932 rig guessing right now at weights until I can get snappis of them on a scale Haf932 - case is 29.1lbs in of it self - psu is 7.7lbs add a full sized mobo + zalman 9900cnps, a GTX460, 3 drives light mods etc, my guess is to the order of 50+lbs or roughly 25KG NTXZ rig is much lighter closer to 20lbs ~9KGS E-350 mini tower is about 9lbs ~4KGS The lappys are ultra lights the 15" lenovo I5 comes in around 3lbs or 1.5KG the 10.1" e-350 lenovo about, 1.5lbs ~.7KG thanks to its SSD instead of the mech drive letting it shed an ounce(23grams) or so.
  23. Yeah the 460 is on rma at the moment though the edition I have did out run most 475s at the time.
  24. Sorry my oldest card is GTX460 Super OC, not the weakest but the oldest. I might have an 8800gt pci-e laying around somewhere though will look around
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