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8800GTS SC 320Mb Overclocking question?

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Posted 02 January 2008 - 10:13 AM

Hi everybody, This is my First post here. So being a New Year and all I figured it is time to push my GPU to a new level. I have pushed My CPU to 3.2Ghz on Air. So My only way to squeeze out more performance is to push my GPU to new levels.
So far, Using Rivatuner I can get up to 648/1622/900 Stable. I ran the ATItool Artifact test on the Highest Artifact detection rate for 1 Hour with no Artifacts, and the Temps only got up to 60C. So I know I still have headroom to go higher, either on the Core or Mem. When I put the Core to its next speed which is 675Mhz, I can stay on the desktop, But as soon as I start any benchmark or the Artifact scanner it locks up. My Mem, Anything above 900Mhz and it gets major Artifacts on the Screen followed by locking up. So what options are there to push my GPU higher? My hands are not stable enough to do any Hard mods, So I am left with either a Bios Flash to a faster Card with more Volts, Or somehow raising the Volts another way. I have seen over at MVKtech.com
where they have Flashed 8800GT's to a different BIOS to get more volts or different Timings to help push the GPU to new levels of performance. But I can't Find much help for my GPU. Does anybody here have some suggestions on what I can try to help get my Cards Core Stable at 675Mhz or higher? Or help me push my Memory past 900Mhz!
Thanx for any and all help people. Hope everybody has a great New Year:}

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Posted 02 January 2008 - 11:50 AM

Those are great speeds for that card. If you feel you want more mem. speeds you may have to back off of the gpu speeds. I dont understand how you are forced to go from 648 to 675 . I also use rivatuner and it dont remember having to make jumps like that. As I said I dont remember and you may be right. Good Luck.

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Posted 02 January 2008 - 02:12 PM

The 8800 Series Cards have increments that the Core,Shader,Mem clocks move up, They don't move up or down at 1MHZ at a time. The core for the 8800 goes from 648 to 675. That is the next jump that the Core makes. The Mem goes 891,900 Can't remember off the top of my head.
Go to that link, It explains it better. I wish I could just move the Core slider 1MHZ at a time, But no such luck. That is a huge jump, Especially at that already high Overclock!!
And I have tried to Overclock the MEM clock by itself, And it still won't budge past 900MHz, Very Bad Memory Chip I suppose? Thanx for the Reply though.

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Posted 04 January 2008 - 01:34 AM

Not a bad OC on that card, so far. It's probably an A3 rev and should have more headroom than that to play with. Use a program that can alter shader speed separate from the ROPs (core).

A BIOS flash won't do squat to help you OC more. The memory can be vmodded with a pencil, but the gains before heat becomes unconrolable with the stock cooler are very small. Altering the GPU voltage is the only way you are going to get substantially more out of the core, and that requires a hard mod (soldiering).

The only reason a flash has helped some GTs is that some cards were not set to use the highest voltage availabe through the bios (1.1 2d/1.15 3d for the 8800GT). Any voltage over 1.1/1.15 requires a hard mod for that card.

As far as I am aware, no 8800GTS was set to use anything but the highest available voltage. I am positive they would not have set a lower voltage on a pre OCed card.

They don't move up or down at 1MHZ at a time

The reference clock on all of these cards is 27MHz. ROP, shader, and memory clocks are derived from this through multipliers.

Best I can figure:

The ROP clock can be altered with a granularity of one-third and one-half multipliers.

The Shader clock can only be altered in increments of 2 whole multipliers (i.e. 54Mhz steps).

The memory clock can be changed in increments one-third multipliers (9MHz steps).

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Posted 06 January 2008 - 06:33 PM

Thanx for the reply. I do use Rivatuner to Oc my GPU. And as of Version 2.06 you can OC the Shader Clock by itself if you want. I have got it up to 1620Mhz, Any higher and I get Artifacts. It does not matter if Core or Mem is at their max. Looks like I will have to stick with my Speeds for Now. I was hoping somebody here had something new to try. Oh well, I can get 148Mhz more than a reference 8800 GTS.
BTW, I have question about trying to max your Core clock out. With every new driver that comes, I try to get 675Mhz to stick. And every time my rig will freeze after a few minutes of clicking apply. So my question is. Can having your GPU freeze because of pushing it too hard cause long term damage? I don't push it every day, But with every driver release I will try again for a new high Overclock? I know my Mem Limits, But my Core, I am determined to get 675Mhz to stick through benchmarking.